I havent smok for 8 years but hadC.O.P.D. 9 years Broncetisis is coursing me trouble came out off hospital about 14 months ago i still weak blow on me i would fall over .Any way i want to clear something up is Broncectisis realy Emeersmisa has in hospital once vometed all night then brought like white cream that just folded up i herad nurse say to other she has empaseima .Any way came home , Last time has i said would be 13 to 14 monthe brought moulded thing up very hard to get up then flesh blood clots the sister called my husband to one side said she will be on oxgen when she goes home any wasnt but i am so exgusted all time can you please anser mr my consultant has said on top level off medication know no more can give i have seen him every 4 months for 8 years will he discharge me .

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So sorry to hear you've had such a tough time with bronchitis, Collington. Has your consultant told you what stage of COPD you have reached? What meds are you taking for it?

I have COPD Broncectisis adcal AmitrpiylineAnocro Ellipta 55 micro Azithrycin250 winter months 13 times a day Betahistine Co codomol Gaviscon when needed [ansopazoleLansorazole30mgLosatan quimme sulfrat Salbtamolun uniphyllin ventolin Nebulizers Ventolin have others not on my script

That's a lot of different meds to be taking, Collington. Why not give the BLF nurses a ring on 03000 030 555 or email them. They will be able to answer your question far better than I can. Hope you're having a better day today.

Yes sorry its because have other medical problems sorry its taken while for me to answer .I have nurses coming in know other chest infection cracking going on right hand side bottom lung thats the one had most pneumonia its a game but got to get on with it but when u know what u could do realy ges me down depression terrible


im okay

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