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I had a cough and sinus issues and post nasal drip so I went to the doctor. Within 15 min. She quickly looked in my ears, nose and throat and asked if I had allergies. I said, I don't know do i? She listened to my chest and said oh my you can't breath. It's like your breathing from a straw. (REALLY TEXT BOOK RIGHT?) I told he no that I can breath just fine! She was in and out because she said she was behind in her patients today. She told the nurse to give me a breathing treatment with a nebulizer. The nurse showed me how to breath it and left the room as well. I took two breaths then just held it my hand since I could breath just fine. The doc came back in and listened to my chest and. Said, oh yeah that sounds so much better and now you can breath. She said you have COPD and wrote a scripted for a nebulizer and the med to put in it. That fast she said ok bye and sorry I have to run in and out. Here are the the result of my spirometer test. 150L/min 115L/min. That was 6 months ago. The nurse would not tell me what that meant? She told me to go to the mayo clinic site and Google it. That was it! I still cough sometime and have post nasal drip most the time. Chest congestion sometime when I cough and sometime a small amount of mucus.

Confused and frusterated!

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Hi , I can understand why you are confused and frustrated . Do you live in the UK, if so you can contact the British Lung Foundation helpline by phone or email.....details are on their website.

I am still reeling from your doctors response ......a nebuliser is a powerful tool, are you still using it on a daily basis?

I would definately ask for a second opinion from a different health professional.

One of my friend had an appointment recently with a GP....he told her that he was running late and he didn't have much time to spend with her!

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I am from the US. Knitter, I haven't even used this nebulizer. I kept telling the dr. That i am not short of breath. The whole appointment was just weird. Thank you for your response. :)


A doctor can't diagnose COPD just from a listen to your chest and peak flow test. You need to have a chest x-ray and a CT scan in order to establish exactly what is wrong.


Hello Pantani! Yes your right. I have now found out that this doctor is no longer working in the clinic I go to. She is in internal medicine and decided to switch her career to bariactrics. Hopefully she can help patients with weight problems better then people like me!?


Was the nebulizer blue?


Hi Soulsaver! No the nebulizer is white. Are there different ones?


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