It's over ,,,msummer is over ,,,how do I know ???

Well I've had a letter today inviting me to go for my annual flu jab next week ,

And I've had my reassessment today after completing the 8 week course. ,at pulmary rehab ,,,m,I'm not sure if all areas are run the same ,but we do a 10 meter walk backwards and forwards between a beep ,,,,,and I did,,,,,, and an extra 100 meters ,,,than before I started the course ,so a big improvement for me considering my prolapse problem ,and having some of the exersises adjusted to what I was capable of doing ,,,,,I'm really pleased with the improvement ,,,,and with the help of getting the flu jab early ,,, while I'm reasonably well,,,,maybe I'll winter well this time around ,,,,,fingers etc crossed ,

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  • Well done Nanny and hope you stay well. So many flu jabs being done early it seems. Xxxx

  • Thanks sassy,,,,I didn't get my jab until January this year ,as I was continually on antibiotics ,,,so finally got it done in between courses haha ,,,,so making sure this year ,xx

  • well done you done well there

  • Thanks mmzetor I did didn't I

  • Hi Nanny

    Well done, that's great news for you.

    I got a text summoning me for my flu jab....If winter is coming l am going into hibernation ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


  • Ooo, it would be so nice to wake up in the spring, having slept through all the cold and damp of the winter, wouldn't it.

  • Hi M

    I would wake up for Christmas....l love Christmas.

    Then back under the Duvet until the first warm sunny spell...Bliss ๐Ÿ˜‚


  • Me too ,I love the planning of everything to do with Christmas,,buying the presents etc in fact I've just bought some Xmas paper from studio ,18 meters of red with white reindeer on ,it's gorgeous ,so wrapping theme this year with be red white and silver ,haha ,,,,see you've started me off ,,,,I promised my family I wouldn't get excited about it this year as I always end up Either in hospital for Xmas or in bed ,,,,,I'm afraid I don't winter well ,,,,,,,haha,๐ŸŽ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ›Œxx

  • I was trying to avoid thinking about Christmas just yet! But yes, I'd put in a brief appearance and enjoy the festivities for a couple of days and then.........back to sleep. Wouldn't it be lovely!

  • Perfect .

  • Oooohhhh and miss Christmas,,,,,??? Well I often spend Christmas in hospital,,,,,,my family have banned me from getting excited about Christmas as I'm always poorly ,,,,,but yes all that cold wet windy weather. , I can do without it ,

  • I would wake up for Xmas too ,love it ,I'm with velvet on that one ,

  • Thank you ,,,,,I'm with you on that ,winter ? Bbbrrrrr, x

  • Same here Nanny, I got my notice my today as well. But as ever I'm on antibiotics with something simmering gently in my lungs. This is what happened last year and in the end I didn't get it it all. So touch wood they can give it to me this time. Well done on your progress at PR, you did so well.

  • Hope you get well soon so you can get your jab,,,,,I swear I was so ill this winter gone was beacause I didn't get it until late January,.hope the same dosent happen this time for you ,get well soon ,and Thankyou ,

  • Well done Nanny for the improvement. As for Winter, I hate it with a vengeance. Summer has been a huge disappointment - again. I'm going to have to stop looking forward to it so much from now on, it's too disheartening, when it's a big fat let down and makes me dread Winter even more xx

  • I have mixed feelings on summer ,,well all of the seasons really,, summer ,,? it's not something I can't wait for ,,,,,I'm more of a spring person ,,,,I look forward to being free from all the bugs and chest infections I've suffered throughout winter ,,,,but then again I like the cosyness of winter ,,,,and of course Christmas,,,,,but then I'm often in hospital at Christmas time with chest infections etc ,like last year,,,,missed Christmas new year and my January 70th birthday celebrations due to my illness,,,,,so all in all ,,,,,,there's really only Spring I like ,,,,oh ,and Thankyou for the compliment on my improvement at rehab ,

  • Good morning and I am really pleased that you have improved after your PR....I wish I could go again. It would be great if we could go on a regular basis. My flu jab is booked for the 13th October. Let's hope that we can all stay bug free the coming winter.


  • Morning Jennifer,,,,rehab ,,,,? ,,,,I'm offered it every year ,,,,in fact they said To me yesterday ,,,that if I wanted to keep going with rehab until my prolapse was sorted I was most welcome to do so ,,, ,they really are lovely ,,,,but I said I was very grateful ,but I didn't want to take someone's opportunity to do it ,and I'd spoken to the trainer in the gym and he said he would set me a new plan and concentrated on my upper body fitness rather than cardio ,,,,,but again if I find it difficult they will let me do the rehab ,,,,I'm so lucky I know I say it often ,,,but I am they look after me so me so well ,,,,,oh I see consultant next week about prolapse,conflicting accounts from physio and ultrasound ,,,,so I'll be guided by consultants opinion on what needs to be done ,it's got no worse since I last saw him ,so I'm hopeful ,xxx๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿค”

  • Big congratulations Nanny 1086 on completing your P R classes and how well you have managed to improve things. Keep up the exercises once you're at home too !! Well done.

  • Thankyou ,yes I will ,I first did PR back in 2008 ,and have gone to the gym twice a week since then ,,,and repeated the PR quite a few times after serious infections ,,,,, exersise is what has helped me best over the years ,,,, oh and of course medication,

  • Good for you Nanny1086 - it's great when people tell us, what worked for them and even better then to read that you were that inspired, that you continued on until the present time. Always light at the end of every tunnel I'd like to think.

  • Always ,,,,when I was first diagnosed,,,, I sat a lot hubby would say leave that ,,,,I'll do it ,,,you only get breathless , so I sat and sat ,then in December 2008 I ended up in hospital with septasyma ,and 2 weeks in ICU ,,,missing Xmas, and new year,then ,I was cared for at home to recover by the COPD nurses team ,,,the same nurse came to see me in June that year and said she was starting a rehab course would I be interested ,they had been so good looking after me ,,,,so of course I said yes ,,,,,I never looked back from then ,

    Sadly now I sometimes have to do the hoovering ,haha

  • A small price to pay, I think eh ?

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