I have read many posts but none talk about wheezing! I don't always hear it but am reminded when I visit my daughter who immediately says 'Mum you are wheezing' and I am not happy when she makes that announcement although have come to expect it! I do have a fair amount of mucus and have been using the Duaklir inhaler as best I can (not taking it twice a day as I should) and did expect that medication to help with mucus! Would like to hear from any other wheezers!!

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It use to make me mad too.......That is what spurred me on to go to the doctors...my daughter and also my neighbour saying I was wheezing - and I could not hear it myself....so...moderate copd me. I am on Fostair - two puffs twice a day, and a Salamol inhaler if I need it before doing a physical job in the house or garden. I don't wheeze now:-)

Oh thank you Jennifer for helpful reply, will bear that in mind when I next see copd nurse! It is very annoying when repeatedly told you are wheezing!! My breathing is not bad so why do I wheeze, I thought breathing/wheezing go hand in hand! I am so confused! Will keep you posted!

........please do Katy...it will please your Daughter no end! Don't our girls love us:-)

Hi Katy, I wheeze all the time, even sitting quietly, sometimes I don't hear it but others do ( my kids tell me I'm whistling again ) other times especially when I'm sob I wheeze like a good un, I don't let it bother me anymore it lets me know I'm still breathing which is always a good sign 😂😂 xx Sonia xx

Ha Ha! That put a smile on my face!! I must remember to say that next time someone finds it necessary to tell me about my wheeze!! Oh it's good to talk to those who understand!

I find myself constantly clearing my throat. I feel that mucus is there but it hardly ever comes up.

Maybe i am in the early stages of COPD


I am a wheezer, and so was my grandmother and mother......you always knew where they were, just follow the noise.

I think I replied to a post yesterday saying that I have to have the radio or music on so that I don't hear the wheeze so much. Mind you I have tinnitus too too add to my internal orchestra.

I can wake at night and wonder what the noise is....me lungs!

As Sonia says at least I know I am breathing.

Try to take gentle low breaths, I find that helps. I am actually having a fairly quiet wheezing day today.

Well my hearing is not great so only hear the wheeze when it is really loud! My daughter's hearing is so good she can hear me from other side of the room! I am so aware of it now that I am embarrassed to sit beside anyone! Thanks for your reply!

No need for embarrassment ....I gave a lift to a friend today and she was wheezing nicely, she is waiting for her Spirometry results . My daughter always comments when she rings me....' You sound healthy today mum' ...my wheeze gets worse when I talk on the phone you see.

I actually had three wheezy cats at one time...they all had bad coughs too.

Oh Jennifer - both your posts have me doubled up laughing. Love the "orchestra" and cat's chorus.....must be great fun in your musical house.


Pete wheezes and l have tinnitus so he makes noises and l hear different noises. It does depend how he is though and generally wheezes a lot after an infection or if sob. I do comment on it sometimes out of concern. All ok at the moment though.

Hope things improve for you soon Katy75. Xxx

Thankyou mrs mummy.

Hi wheeze quite a lot but then I do have asthma as well as copd. x

I wheeze sometimes. Once my friends thought I had some kittens here until they realised the noise was my breathing! I am much better since I have been in Spiriva.

I wheeze a lot, and my family and friends used to tell me about it. The difference is, I can hear myself wheeze. The worst wheezing is when I am in bed. My lung consultant's answer is that I sleep on several pillows. Unfortunately this conflicts with my rheumatology consultant who tells me I must lie on one thin pillow because of the RA in my neck! If life were a cartoon I think those two would come to blows over my treatment! By the way I have 4 different inhalers.

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