Calling all cooks

Now I know that all you hobby cooks out there will be dashing to Amazon or similar when I tell you about a new device on the market.

Okay.. you are stirring a saucepan with milk, custard whatever. Anyway you can't stop because if you do it will spoil.

You are bored, you can see a dozen jobs you can do instead of stirring the stupid saucepan.

Now be prepared to be amazed. A company has invented a device that is hung on the pot and it goes round and round stirring at whatever speed you set it.



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Interesting. :) xx

Lakeland used to do an automatic stirrer a few years ago, I always wondered how good they were but resisted the temptation to buy one coz I've already got more kitchen gadgets than places to store them in.

Blimey I thought they had just come on the market.


Afternoon Gus,

I have never cooked as a 'hobby' more as a necessity and to provide healthy meals for my family and if there is a piece of equipment that could decently stir a hollandaise sauce while I do the rest of the prep, cooking and all the rest and more to the point afford it sign me up.

Sigh, I think my sense of humour has fled today, so I shall sign off, sorry.


Now why on earth do you think that ? maybe it was me who was wrong talking of hobby cooks when some women have no choice. They have to cook.


Sorry Gus,

I,m afraid my sense of humour button has been switched off this week and then jammed down with a big stick, have been feeling poorly this week and having to provide meals for my two grandkids and husband several times a day has been too much.

I was firmly told to chill out by my grandson (7) and not to be mean as I staggered abound the kitchen muttering to myself 'huh hobby cooks'

Hope you have a good weekend and are able to enjoy the weather.


gustavski ee will soon not need to get up in the morning if we go down that road of having devices to do everything


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