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What has become

of the weather. I can't remember having days and days of glorious sunshine in the 50s and 60s. Today the temp reached 27 degrees .

I recall a long time ago before the EU when the weather was always in Fahrenheit

and a newspaper I think it was the Sun but don't quote me on that printed on the front page just this... 80 degrees phew. It was so unusual they made it front page news.

Do you recall the old joke when a UFO was sighted it turned out to be the sun.

Climate change or what.


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"The hottest period occurred between June 23, 1976 and July 7, when for fifteen consecutive days the temperature topped 32C (90F) every day at one or more stations in England."

Full story.


34 today in Kent



Don't knock it !

It's already Autumn here, I'd kill for a few more weeks of summer weather.

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I remember the hot summer of 76. I was working in Central London, travelling each day on the underground, I needed a shower when I got to work and that was before my working day started.


I remember summer of '76 as well. Long hot summer, grass in the garden was completely yellow.


I too remember the summer of '76. Was working in a pub in South Kensington and it closed for a month for renovations after a little work helping to clean, all of us bar staff would head off for the day and then hit the clubs at night. Magical time! Then, again, I was young.


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