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Weird breathing

Sorry to bother everyone

Recently if been having trouble breathing shortness of breathe. But I've been to the doctors twice had blood tests chest X-ray and they say everything is clear and that I have 100% oxygen sat in my lung my ekg was fine but I still feel short of breathe. I can only take deep breathe sometimes could this really be general anxiety because I'm not convinced . I even did a spirometry test and the doctor said I was fine.

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Hi amiro, I find that's it's easy to get into a cycle of breathlessness and anxiety then anxiety causing's a hard cycle to break.

I guess the blood tests didn't show anaemia as that can cause breathlessness too.

Have you tried the pursed lip technique.....breathe in gently through your nose then out gently through pursed lips...repeat a few times. You can see it on you tube......also on you tube David Carbonell shows Deep Breathing Exercise.

David concentrates on diaphragmatic belly breathing with relaxed shoulders and upper chest. Not tight upper chest breathing or deep whole chest breathing , but low and slow from the bottom of the lungs. This is less stressful and helps prevent hyperventilation.

Breathe through the nose not the mouth so the air is warmed and filtered.

I find a small hand held battery fan just aimed upwards towards my face helps too.

You an find relaxation and meditation videos on you tube which may help you slow your breathing.

Best wishes.


Thanks so much I'm gonna look into those breathing techniques right now thanks for the support


Hello Amiro, It probably is anxiety, however are you taking any medication. If so check with your nurse or doctor. I was very similar to you a couple of years ago , The nurse suggested I changed one of my tablets and I could breathe much better. Hope you get it sorted. xx :)


Thank you I'm currently taking ibuprofen and a cough medicine called bronchial balsam my breathing feels a bit better I'm just trying to not take as many deep breaths


Hi again, the pharmacist warned me about ibroprofen as I have asthma, some people are sensitive to it. You could check with your chemist.

One of my late mother's eye drops made her breathless too.

I found that I was breathing the ' wrong way round' when I was stomach went in on the in breath instead of GP said little air was getting to the bottom of my lungs.

My asthmatic daughter is fine with ibroprofen ...we all react differently to medications . Take care.

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I see maybe the ibuprofen did it because it came on all of a sudden because before I was wheezing and coughing but the wheeze is gone however when I breathe out I cough


Hello Amiro . No bother all. I'm so glad the tests came back all clear. That's really is great news and a relief I'm sure.

I have a friend who has anxiety and she gets breathless when she anticipates things she need to check off her to do list for the day, so I know anxiety can play havoc with breathing.

Some calming exercises like yoga may help if it is indeed anxiety. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Cas xx 🐞🌻

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Ahh thank you cas I'll try my best definitely looking into yoga and relaxation techniques


Hi Amiro

How are you feeling now hun any improvment , I amin the same boat and waiting on tests. I hope youhave got things sorted xxxx


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