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Cracked ribs

Good morning everyone,

Some of you will probably remember my earlier posts. I have copd also earlier this year I had SABR treatment for cancer on my left lung, I had to have the treatment in 4 lots instead of 3 because the cancer was so close to my rib cage anyway I have been doing so well not had any of the side effects that they said I may have so my reason for this post is that I have had to go for X-rays as I have horrendous pain on my left hand side the Dr said it is possible I have cracked or fractured my ribs what I would like to know has anyone had cracked ribs and were they pain full fingers crossed that's what it is and not the return of the cancer I am due to see my consultant for check up in 2 weeks time. Look forward to your replies. Love Sue

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Hi Sue, it sounds like you've been through the mill lately. My husband has PCD and has to do fairly intense Physio every morning and evening. He has fractured his ribs twice with the force of coughing and it was very painful. The doctors thought he had pleurisy until they x-rayed his chest at a later date. It certainly could be this if you have been coughing in a way that puts strain on your body. Best wishes to you - I hope they can diagnose quickly as waiting is always hard.


Hi Sue, sending positive vibes your way and Pete and l have both had cracked ribs in the past which were very painful.

Let us know how you get on.

Love and very gentle hugs to you.



Hello Scud

Yes 😣

I was 7 months pregnant, and had a bad cold and cough.

One morning l had a coughing fit and was immediately in horrendous pain....l had broken two ribs.

I wasn't allowed any painkillers and spent the next two weeks in agony...l dreaded coughing, sneezing, hiccuping, and even laughing.

So's painful,.... but for you, l hope it is your ribs.

Good luck



Thank you so much everyone for your replies, I am now on paracetamol and codeine until X-ray results are back they are helping a little, will let you know what the results . Xxxx

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Compound fracture to my right side...come down like a ton of bricks after my feet go tangled spinning round to hit one of the 7 rats the size of cats that where hinding behind pots waiting for the all clear to go in the chicken run for food.

That was months ago and i still shout out in pain when I turn on my right side when sleeping.....

Gave them away a two months ago.....

No food no more rats...and no more stink.


Not funny but made me smile, on a more serious note hope mine soon mends and I hope yours carries on improving now you are rat and chicken free.

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Hi Sue I fractured a rib many years ago and it was excruciating. I remember it vividly!! Good luck x


Thank you I am relieved that everyone says how painful it is I was worried it was from the radium but I am convinced I have cracked or fractured my ribs should have results from X-ray early next week. Xx


Hi, I've had broken ribs AND pleurisy at different times. The excruciating pain was just about identical. Pleurisy can be heard through a stethoscope.

Good luck , I'm hoping the tests go well for you. P


Thank you peege I will just have to keep popping the pills till they heal xx


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