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Lung capacity with quitting smoking

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Hi am a newbie.. I gave up smoking 3 months ago due to asthma and copd..I still get a little short of breath when climbing steps or stairs..How long can I expect this to last for ?

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It can take upto nine months to fully clear you lungs, ( otherwise health person)

As you appear to have some lung damage ( COPD) then some degree of breathlessness will always be present, sensible diet and exercise will reduce the effects of being breathless.

Can you be referred to a pulmonary rehablitation course, one hour exercise, one hour education two hours a week for six weeks.

It varys, for me breathlessness wasn't really a problem, it was the cough that went on for months

Hi Nannafi

Like you I'm a newbie to COPD and the breathlessness was worst for me. However I was only taking ventolin and quite a lot of, but recently started Spiriva one a day and I've noticed hardly any breathlessness already. So for me this seems to be working real well. X

Welcome to our community Nannafi. Well done on giving up smoking it is a real achievement and will go a long way in helping your condition.

Keep up the good work.

Regard. John

The most important thing you have done now is to stop smoking, give your body time now to adjust without smoking, study up on a new healthier life style.

Hello and welcome to the forum Nannafi and well done for quitting the fags. xx

Hello Nannafi and a warm welcome to our Community. Giving up smoking is the best thing you could ever do, and believe me, many of us know how difficult it is. stone is right - always a person to take notice of. His knowledge and advice is sound, not to take anything away from everyone else who is here to help.

If you can get referred on to a PR course - they are worth their weight in gold.


Good to meet you and well done on stopping smoking! A lot of people still feel the effects of the smokin habit for months after stopping but you WILL feel better give it time! Exercise and a good healthy diet and a PMA will help.huff xxx

Nannies, that's brilliant that you've Quit smoking.It will take a little time to clear the deposits from your Lungs ,caused by Smoking.Have browse on B.L.F site for breathing exercises for c.o.p.d sufferers.Start gently with walking and exercises, your Lungs will respond and benefit from doing more.Diet helps too, good quality sleep.I hope your in the Care of a good Pulmonary team.Enquire about Pulmonary Rehab too.Your Chest x_ rays, and SpirometryTests will indicate improvements, but it's early days so give yourself time.Lots of lovely people on here, with a huge knowledge base between them, 😆 .

Oh I'm new and I've stopped smoking 8 week now and I still getting out of breath I will put it on my list to ask nurse when I go on 14th lol hope you keep as well as you can x

Hi stopping smoking slows down the progression of COPD. So you have done the right thing. And following the advice from stone. You should be okay x

Hi Nannafi, Well done on giving up up smoking, I gave up 20 years ago and I know what a struggle it was, I still have trouble breathing doing stairs and heavy work, but we keep going, keep your chin up, the glass is always half full.

I gave up smoking seven years ago when I was diagnosed with having COPD and I still get out of breath climbing stairs.

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