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Heart/ breathing problems

My heart has been beating irregularly, and it feels as if there is some sort of bubble in my heart making it painful when it beats. Ive also been having pains in my chest, and I find it hard breathing sometimes... I've been having awful headaches, which is this pain in my temples throbbing, and I've been feeling lightheaded and dizzy... Recently I've also been really really tired

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This is not really a place where you can have symptoms diagnosed. You do sound quite anxious and I suggest you consult with your GP or, if that seems like waiting too long, dial 111 or 999 and get some medical help and advice. Good luck.


I was going to say the same, sounds like time to get to medical help xx


Why don't you go to a doctor. A cardiologist, for example.


Contact your Surgery .... and tell them you want an appointment with your Doctor s.a.p. Don't try to carry on on your own without having some help..

Sorry - only just found your letter. I hope by now you have seen someone and that you are being treated. Let us know how you are?


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