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Hi folks,

Been reading your posts for a while now, trying to find common ground for discussion. My problem is not being able to catch my breath when exerting myself. All my life! Doctors like to say it's because I'm old, smoked for a while, or had this or that job during my life. I'm 72 now and have been told, finally, that it may not be my lungs. I remember kids having to wait for me at the top of hills on their bikes as long ago as second grade. Tired of the Docs blaming me. Been active all my life in spite of it but now my abilities are narrowing a bunch. Due to have some extensive heart related tests soon so maybe I will have some answers then. In the meantime, I've enjoyed reading your posts and wish you all comfort and happiness. Will post if/when I get some answers.

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Oh not knowing what is going on is hard going and leaves you questioning all sorts of things .. I hope you get some answers

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Good luck to you docwebb and hope you get some answers. X


How maddening to be fobbed off for 70 odd years! Makes my six years seem like six minutes. Appalling that they are only now waking up to heart problems.

Good luck and tell us how it goes.

K xxxx

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Welcome docwebb, hope you get the test soon so you can get some answer. Do let us know how you get on, in the meantime just drop in anytime you feel like a natter we don't just talk about our health we cover a wide range of subjects, and your welcome to join in anytime you want. Take care

Peg xx


70yrs is a long time to wait for a diagnosis, better late than never though! Hope you don't have to wait too long for answers. Oh and welcome Mic! Xx


Welcome, I used to get very breathless climbing hills...wouldn't dare try now though. I would be walking with friends and they would be chatting away while I would be struggling to catch my breath. It was not until I caught pneumonia was a diagnosed as being asthmatic .

My grandmother and mother had problems with breathlessness and my daughters are asthmatic too.

So maybe there is a genetic element, maybe it's the smokey coal dusty environment we were raised in , or maybe we all had disordered breathing patterns.....or maybe a combination .

My friend and neighbour tol her GP that she was breathless on hills...she was given two inhalers...it's only recently she has been treated for a heart problem. She is fine now, but not attempted any hills I don't think yet.

I hope you find some answers and feel better soon.


Thank you all for the warm welcome. When I was young people just told me it was me being out of shape or a wimp, etc. I grew to think it was my genetics or me not trying hard enough. As I aged I began to think that just maybe there was something more.

My wife had a wonderful woman help her with her heart attack and she gave me hope that there may be something I could do about my problem. This angel is a nurse practicioner and has saved many people in the past. May God take special care of people like her.

Thanks again,



I am interested to know what it is--because I have breathing problems and tests are fine--I know my heart is slightly enlarged and am worried it is heart--thanks--MmeT Ihave pvs's too(premature ventricular contractions) which are spose to be harmless for the most part but they feel weird


I have been short of puff when running or cycling, and hill climbing or swimming. It never occurred to me to ask a doctor. It meant I was useless at sport because I couldn't keep up. Come to that, I was rubbish at ball games too.

Maybe some of us are born with less lung capacity?I am short waisted with long legs. All my fat is round the middle and my er...chest.Having a short torso could mean shorter lungs maybe? Just a random thought.


I was diagnosed with COPD 10 years ago and the Doctor reckoned that, although I had smoked (not heavily), I'd also had untreated asthma all my life and this has contributed to the COPD. Obviously no-one had picked up on it because it wasn't too bad.

It is bad now though and I have symptoms of asthma, I guess because I'm older and a bit worn out!

I'm also convinced that there is a genetic link as my paternal grandfather died very young of lung disease, and my brother has a history of spontaneous lung collapse and has COPD as well now.


After all that time! Hope the tests get to the bottom of things -please keep us updated. All best wishes.


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