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Help my dad!

Hi, I'm doing this bio for my dad.

He is 52 years old and 2 month ago he was diagnosed with phnumonia and influenza. It was life threatening and had the be put in 2 coma'S to help him live. He is now at home but still finding it hard to breath and sleep. He can't sit or lay back against anything for too long as his lungs push onto his back and they start to hurt but if he lays forward the same thing happens. Please help and tell me what I can do for him!

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Good Morning - how scary for you and your Dad. I think that you should ring the BLF helpline:- (I have copied the info below for you)

What questions can we answer?

You can talk to us about anything - from how to manage your condition, to going on holiday. Or just to say hello.

Here are some of the things we've spoken to people about recently:

How to manage your condition

Information about specific conditions

Options about medication and treatments

What diet or exercise might be appropriate

Helping people to understand and accept their diagnosis

Learning how to manage flare –ups

How to arrange oxygen for holidays abroad

Welfare benefits that can be claimed.

We don’t have access to your medical records, so you may need to go back to your health care team for answers to some questions. And we can't diagnose you or comment on the results of any test or investigations. If you have questions like this, you should talk to a local health care professional.

We're only trained to provide advice on the treatment and management of conditions in the UK.

Call us on 03000 030 555.

We'll give you as much time as you need to talk about what's important to you. This means sometimes our lines might be busy when you call. If you can't get through, you can keep trying or leave us a message.

I hope that you can get some help - lots of love to you and to your Dad xxx


Thanks a lot, will try the helpline today!:)

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Hello, I really feel for your dad and for you. It must be so frightening and worrying, and neither of these are going to help his breathing.

You're presumably in touch with your GP? Any help there? Or the respiratory ward where your dad was? They usual give some post-discharge support. And TADAW's suggestion is a very, very good one.

Everyone is here to listening and to support you, but we can't always give advice. If you can be kind, care for him, keep him calm then that's brilliant.

Love to you both and hoping that this is part of a stage in his recovery and will ease in time. Sue x


Thank you sue, we still don't know if his lungs will be scared(hopefully not). I've just bought him a v pillow to try take some pressure off his back. He was in ICU then respiratory then back to ICU, doctors were brilliant but think he needs some phyisio on his chest and lungs and hopefully that will help but thanks guys!


He's had a hard time!

Physio will be good. In the meantime, changing position and walking, at regular intervals {when he's not asleep!} will help his chest. Sips of water help to shift stuff from his lungs and keeping his fluid intake up is important anyway.

V pillow is a good idea.

Keep in touch, Sue x


Thinking of you and your dad and BLF may well be able to help so hope you have given them a call.

Take care. xxxx

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Hi Swrigglesworth, sorry I can't help, but having had pneumonia myself I know it takes a long time to get over it. A day at a time I think is the way to go. Take care xx

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