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I got up this morning  coughing my lungs up and out of breath after taking my meds I feel a little better to day looks like a hot one so I am going to get my jobs done and have a day doing nothing (I still have my list )the last day or two I have had my grand children  she was a bit ill I donot know who was looking after who she is a right darling but I love her  take care and be good ED 

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Hi Ed, I too have a list but since becoming ill its not as important. I am still learning what I can and can't do so one of the most important things is pacing yourself so you don't make yourself worse. 

If the weather affects me I listen to what my body tells me and rest. I have lots of little hobbies that I can do that don't take much physical effort. 

Hope you have a good day. John

Take it easy today Ed and enjoy relaxing. The list will keep. xxxx

Look after yourself, take good care lots of love TAD xx

Hope top of  your list is "Look after myself" 

Take care, Sue x

I feel bad my wife works her head off and I am at home she goes to work at 7and comes home at6at night she as her tea then back at it till 11 at night I feel I got to do some thing I have worked all my life some times 16 18 hours a day 7days a week  I smoked 60 cigs a day some times more now I have not smoked for over a year but it as left me with copd and just about every thing that goes with it I feel bad when I see my wife go out to work and comes back drained  the jobs I do take longer than they did  but I do get some done well that my moan over and I know there are people a lot worse off than me my be my moan will help take care and be good ED 

I do know what you mean, Ed. Perhaps top of your list is to look after your wife and that's right. It's really horrible not to be able to do what we want to do and then when we do it takes so long. And on top of that we feel really bad about how this illness affects those we love.

You're not moaning, Ed. You're saying it as it is and maybe that makes us all feel better. Someone else feels the same.

As Churchill said, KBO! x

I find first thing mornings is when I cough the most , looks like will be hot today but we have a bit of a breeze here today so its not burning hot , hope you have a good day ,  

Hello Ed...sometimes the lists have to be put on a back burner.  Your wife sounds a real Star - you must work well together.

Listen - the air quality has not been too good for a few days - so probably most of us have been waking coughing - not your fault.  You must rest when you feel like it and don't push yourself.  Sorry your granddaughter has been a bit poorly - hope she is ok now.

Best wishes,

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