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Lung obstruction has been downgraded to anxiety eh confused?

Hi all hope youre having a lovely day wherever you are. Just a confusing update my mild lung obstruction breathing problems and bad spirometry technique(eh)and constant mucus production problems from my specialist where i was going ( was having a methachlorine and ph test for my lpr reflux in november) and now my doctor has got involved got me discharged from the specialist after a long word with her and says its all anxiety!! Can doctors do this? Ive been looking for answers for 4 years and my low level anxiety has been great and now i feel because of my doctor im back to square one!!

So anxiety can cause mucus production wheeze and breathing problems and mild obstruction and trouble eating breathlessness

Has anyone every been told what a mild obstruction is as they wouldnt x ray me or ct me again as i had them 2 years ago?

Very confused and annoyed

Sorry for the rant and have a good day everyone take care

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Not heard anything like it and would persue matters with GP. Good luck to you. Doesn't seem right to me. X


Also my severe upper muscle loss on arms chest wrists legs which has been degrading over 4 years(which i can now feel and see ribs (and hostpital said to see a nutriotionist) is it  a vutamin d deficiency that theyve just fpund afyer being borderline hyperthyroid. 

Ok rant over lol

All i seem ro do is conplain on here rhanks for all your help thou


Hi, anxiety can cause disordered breathing .....and disordered breathing can cause anxiety...a vicious circle.

My Buteyko Breathing teacher , years ago, thought that over breathing may cause excess mucus production .

Has your GP given any advice to help you with the anxiety, such as mindfulness or meditation or medication.

Hyperthyroidism can cause anxiety thyroid readings went haywire during the menopause....I was twitchy and anxious.

You need help to deal with your symptoms....have you rung the BLF helpline for advice? Best wishes.

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Had cbt anxiety and depression normal level. Just chucked anti anxiety meds im dubuous to have as they make the symptoms worse at first. Wanted to build up dose myself docs not having it straight on 20mg flucotiene they want. Weird thing is i never hyperventilate or over breathe. Just say stress or emotion instantly tight chested weird!! But i still get tight chested leaning forwars or even hoovering excercise and loads of mucis etc. 

Dunno lost cause me i guess lol. 

Just didnt know docs had power to overule and suggest to respitory specilaist it's all anxiety and call off any more tests for my vcd and ph test(which i have pushed for four years) and then the specialist agrees!' Back to drawing board now i guess

Thanks again ill ring bfi nutse tommorow wheres the number on site?

Many thanks all take care. 


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