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Endobronchial Valves

Hi have been a member of BLF for a few years now and it really helped me to come to terms with this illness. I had been doing some research because I have a lot of trapped air at the top of my lungs and saw quite a few cases of people who have had Endobronchial Valves. I have been to St James Hospital in Leeds about having them and the Doctor I saw there does not seem so enthusiastic about them and said they have a lot of failures with them etc and now I am feeling a bit down I think maybe a second opinion is in order. Wondered if any of you guys (the BLF community) have had them done and how you got on with them. Would be so grateful for any feedback.  THANKYOU

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Good luck, and hopefully someone on here can answer your question.

I wish I had something to offer you, but far as I know my disease is just copd.


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Have a read

If you click on the user name Johnwr you will find lots of further information, including one year on.


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