Hi all, 

Just an update on my first day at pulmonary rehabilitation.

We'll I geared myself up to get myself up early get my son picked up earlier so I could get there on time as half hrs away from me. Walked in sat down had my stats done and got sent home as they were too low, so got sent home with letter for GP to check me over before I can exercise😡 was not impressed but know it's for my own safety. Hope I get the ok tomorrow to return on Tuesday, took a lot to get there after becoming semi recluse lol xx

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  • Well done for getting there!  What a good son.  Better to safe with says.  Fingers crossed all ok for Tuesday xxx

  • Thank you taxaw,

    I hope so too xx

  • Yes it can be very disheartening when you look forward to something like the PR Classes and then then the nurses say u r not well enough etc. I too did my first class but next day came down with a temperature and horrid cough/cold. Startedbmy rescue meds but was told not to come back until ready. That's tomorrow, so fingers crossed and all that and I'll let u know how I got on !!!!

  • Everything  crossed for you too that you are well enough to rejoin.


  • Good luck for Tom xx

  • Squirrels Holt good luck for tomorrow, I've got to take 2 weeks off xx

  • Good luck for Tuesday junegirl. You can do it. Xxx 

  • 2 weeks off and hopefully after that I can go back xx

  • What a shame Junegirl, especially since you made such an effort to attend. 😩

    Hope your GP can advise you & you can rejoin the class next week 👍

  • Hi 2 weeks off and see how tablets go wish I could just get on with it xx

  • What a disappointment June, I bet you were devastated, all the effort to get there etc. a big anti climax. I hope you get the go ahead for next week and let us know how you got on. Xx

  • Hi thank you 2 weeks and see how tablets for balance help me xx

  • That's disappointing June what were your sats at x

  • My bp was 90/60 not sure about the rest but suffering a lot of dizziness xx

  • You would feel dizzy with BP as low as that hope it improves and you can go back. When I did PR they only checked your 02 level. Take care x

  • Yeah it's problem always on low side just seems to have dipped bit more lately xx

  • I am the opposite I have high BP but it is under controle at the moment. X

  • Nottobad, that's good it's under control, hope mine goes up and yours stays down😀

  • bless you, hopefully you can start next week xxx

  • 2weeks off then hopefully start again after tablets have had chance to work xx

  • How disappointing , especially after all the effort you put in to go. Hope your Dr gives you the all clear for next week it will do you a lot of good and give you the chance to meet and make new friends. Good luck and take care. Xxx

  • Thank you I hope so, I do get odd looks at the rehab cos of my age, mostly people older than me there but it's good to chat to people in same boat xx

  • HelloJunegirl,

    What a big disappointment after you had geared yourself up and made arrangements for your son. I too hope you get the ok for the benefits are well worth it.  Keeping my fingers crossed for you anyway that you will be able to rejoin PR very the meantime please don't do the semi recluse bit again ....write in to us.



  • Than you Jennifer 

    I've been told to take 2 weeks off and try tablets so have to wait and see xx

  • Worth a try then.  We spend an awful lot of time waiting for one thing or another don't we.

    Keep cheery, warmer weather on the way.



  • I do appreciate your feelings about getting to the PR and then being sent home, but you've made the biggest step.  Won't be so bad next time, so keep at it.  The social aspects  are as good as the benefits of exercise, and you may hear of other places to go when PR has finished, such as your local Breathe Easy group

    This is one of the good things abut PR - the staff pick up on problems and your GP should take notice of their concerns.  I had the same problem and ended up having a goodly amount of heart investigations.  Turned out to be not very serious and a daily medication is putting it right.  I can go back to PR  any time now

  • Thank you I will xx

  • I had same problem the first time I went, so they arranged for oxygen to be available for me on my next visit (my sats fall only on exertion).  Hope they can arrange the same for you.  Good luck 

  • That sounds good just been told I've got to have 2,weeks off GP has prescribed tablets for my balance but I'm not sure if his on right track or not xx

  • Hope that helps and that your sats improve for next visit to pulmonary rehab.  PR is just such a great help in more ways than one.  Good luck xx

  • Thank you dedalus, I hope so too xx

  • Hi junegirl103

    what sort of readings you getting, mine have been between 86-90 last couple of days and coughing more, not on any medicine.

    Regards Brijix

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