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Watch Living Well with COPD Webinar

Watch Living Well with COPD Webinar

Use the above link to listen to a question and answer Webinar, from February 2016,  by the Lung Association in the USA. It runs for little over a half hour but if you can get even one good tip of advice from it, it is good. Another Webinar starts shortly after this one. These are shown on UTUBE and there are others to listen to on the right of your screen.

I hope this information helps everyone. Just thought you should know about it.....

(I guess the link will not go on here, instead it shows the Webinar and I don't know how to put the link on here?)

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Thank you winded will listen this evening x


You are welcome! I still want to listen to more of them that are on there.


I watch the entire thing while I was walking on my treadmill. It actually gave me some hope of improving thank you for sharing


Yes, me too. You are welcome. 

That is a great way to kill two birds with one stone, I would say! Exercise while you watch what you are exercising for.

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