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Problems with deisel pollution after long coach journeys

Hi all, I drive with the car vent on recirculate as have severe copd and this helps, (cuts 50% of pollutants.)

I have in the last few months took lengthy coach journeys and my chest has deteriorated on both occasions and wondered if anyone has experienced the same and if anyone could recommend a mask to filter this out?

(I have written to one of the well known companies and got a stock reply saying the air is filtered via the air con system but am awaiting a reply as to whether this catches deisel particulates, which my chest suggests not!)

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A carbon filter is the only one suitable for fumes .

Cyclist and motor cyclist wear them but there are rather large.

I am surprised you have problems in a coach as all the fumes are left behind, ( to annoy the car behind)

Are you using older coaches.

One problem is the vortex effect where fume are sucked back in through a faulty engine bay seal or rear windows being open.

Not advisable to recirculate air for to long. On a quieter road open rear windows to allow removal of stale air.


Hi Stone,

Both companies are well known and was a new coach but I think the fumes are drawn in from the motorway from vehicles in front and around through the intake for the air con.

I do open the windows briefly to refresh the air when travelling on long journeys when on quieter roads but recirculate won't be harmful for short bursts of driving.

I saw it on a tv programme a couple of years ago re the carbon readings spiking for car journeys, worse ina car than by the side of the road, worrying indeed.


When I'm in my car the fumes from other cars come up through the vents I'm sure I can smell the smog buses kick off


Hi, put the car vent on recirculate and tell all your friends and family, especially if they have children in the car, this really does cut the pollution intake by 50% in the car.


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