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Can you find a member on here? And, if so, how?


I am looking for SWERVE, the man who started using the cannabis oil in December and was having great results for his COPD. He was going to report back after his measurements were done at the doctors office two Fridays ago and I can't find him on here anyplace? Help!

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Yes, you can find a member but his name is Swerv so that might be why you can't find him.

Look at the top left of this page and it says <Posts. Click on that and it changes to Community. Click on Community and you get a page that says Posts Polls Followers. Click on Followers. Scroll down and you will get View All Members, click on that. On the next page you will see Find a Member, put the name in there. Hopefully that works. There may be an easier way but I don't know any other way.

Or, just put Cannabis oil into the search box top right by the little magnifying glass, and you will find Swerv's post amongst others.

Toci in reply to SeasideSusie

Or, if you are reading one of his comments just click on his user name and it will take you to his home page where you can click on 'Message' to contact him directly.

winded in reply to Toci

Wow! Thank you!

winded in reply to SeasideSusie

Thank you so much. I did that and found him.

And, for some reason, I don't have a magnifying glass by the search box? And I cannot use it to search anything on here? Why is that I wonder?

SeasideSusie in reply to winded

Not sure about that Winded. I'm using my tablet but maybe it's different on a laptop, PC or phone. I'm not that well up on technology, I sort of bumble along LOL!!

Toci in reply to winded

Type what you are searching for into the search box and press 'enter' on your keyboard to start the search.

winded in reply to Toci

Thank you.....I forgot to press enter as I have done that before....It must be all the meds I'm on! LOL

Dedalus in reply to SeasideSusie

It's such a difficult, convoluted way to find members on the site

winded in reply to Dedalus

I agree!

mskpjb in reply to Dedalus

It would be ideal if they could be listed alphabetically and if made up from numbers, then from low to high. But maybe it`s tricky to do that. Sheila xx

Dedalus in reply to mskpjb

I agree Sheila - shouldn't be too difficult to list alphabetically(?)

You probably found his post but he did not end up having the spirometry as if I remember correctly he was quite congested that day so they put it off for another three months I believe.

I think there are a number of us here waiting for his results and hoping he has maintained the improvements he saw in December.

You're right he didn't have it done but will in May. Thank you for the comment.

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