being To gether

This will aplay to most of us on this site as I was in a and e yesterday for about six hours I got to thinking good god I thought we have got one in in comman as I tryed to get on to healthunlocked we are strong when we are all to gether as we fight for each other we pray for each other we say hour good byes to each other to the one we now and the ones we do not now we all fight death to gether we say on no no you can not take us it dos not matter how much pain we go thought until we can not give any more ThAT Is HOW WE ALL GOT SoMETGING IN COMMAN GOD BLESS YOU ALL

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  • I am sorry you had to go to A and E ....I hope your breathing has improved now.

    But thank you for the lovely thoughts....from the heart....we are all in this together.

    Best wishes and take care

  • Hope you are doing a bit better today david and thank you for such lovely sentiments. We all need to stick together.

    Take care. Xxx

  • Get well soon, David. You are spot on about the community here. xx

  • You're quite right David and it's such a help to all of us to be able to share our experiences here.

    I hope you are feeling a little better today.

  • So tired - God bless you too David

  • Last post should have said "So true" not "tired" - predictive text can be so frustrating.......

  • Yes David thanks to this group we never have to feel that there`s no-one to understand when we`re feeling down, anxious or ill. However kind people are, they really can`t know how we`re feeling in the same way a fellow COPD sufferer can. Hope you`re feeling better after your trip to A&E, Sheila x

  • Just my feelings too David, thank you for posting that.

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