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Feeling positive


I just want to say thank you to you all for welcoming me to the group yesterday and for all the advice you gave me, yesterday was one of my worse days I've ever had and speaking to you all and all the advice you gave made me feel much more positive and not alone, I feel better today not 100% but my breathing is better, I've been on youtube looking at breathing excersise you can do if you suffer from c.o.p.d and I've been doing some this morning and they seem to have helped so I'll be doing them every day, hope your all well and once again THANK YOU Sandra x

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glad your feeling a bit better today , I don't know if you have had one but you might find it helpful to ask your doctor if he could refer you for a pulmonary rehab course



Sensible advice from mmzetor. The exercises really do help a lot.

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