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1970's pollution as been replaced by 50% more PM10s ... Lung Disease

1970's pollution as been replaced by 50% more PM10s ... Lung Disease

While they said action should be taken to tackle air pollution, the study's authors also said the effects of poor air quality were small compared to other risk factors such as smoking and obesity.

A switch to diesel has been widely blamed for continued problems with air pollution in some towns and cities such as London.

But tackling PM10s 50% of which come from road surfaces, tyres and braking, would also need a focus on lighter cars.

Report author Dr John Gulliver suggested.

The study was not able to calculate how many deaths today were down to historic air pollution, but lead author Dr Anna Hansell said Public Health England had warned pollutants caused some 29,000 early deaths a year.

What this study is showing is that the effects of air pollution particular PM10s persist for a very long time, over 30 years in this particular study, and may actually be persisting longer than that.

It's also shown that the more recent exposures appear to be the more harmful to health.

In one survey tire wear, 10,000 tonnes of rubber particles end up along the Swedish roads every year. This leads to a diffuse input of emissions of several compounds. Emissions of polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are of particular concern.

The toxicity to Daphnia magna from 12 randomly selected car tyres was tested in this study. Rubber from the tread of the tyres was grated into small pieces, to simulate material from tire wear, and the rubber was equilibrated with dilution water for 72 h before addition of test organisms. The 24-h EC50s of the rubber pieces ranged from 0.29 to 32 gl-1, and the 48-h EC50s ranged from 0.0625 to 2.41 gl-1. Summer harder tyres were more toxic than winter tires.

As these various reports point out direct us .. why increases in congestion and act of MAKING Tyres BLACK & HARDER.

So INSTEAD OF THE NATURAL WHITE SOFTER COLOR OF RUBBER types like winter tyres that PRODUCES less PM10s toxins

They choose a BLACK TYRE that might be MUCH STRONGER AND last LONGER but is more TOXIX contributing to PM10s & Resporty Diseases, Copd, Emphysema.

And what DO buses car exhaust gases do kick PM10s up of road surfaces into our faces in the inner city's

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Interesting reading. I can remember the last London smog advancing across the school playground like an invading wall. We were sent home, and could barely find our way along the streets as we could hardly see three feet in front of us.

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I know what you mean. I was born in Bow in the east end of London in 1947 and went to school in Poplar, and sometimes we couldn't see across the road because of the smog. I remember on a couple of occasions the council handed out paper masks for children.

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Hello Jeff

A great deal to plough through, but good reading.

Still struggling to fathom out if the beginning... Obesity and smoking or ...air pollution, and particle size is the major contributing factor in lung disease in humans.

There are so many surveys, opinions and experiments on fruit flies, but l didn't read about what control experiments were run, and definate results gained.

I strongly believe as a matter of common sense, that many particles , no matter what their size are harmful to the Respiratory system, but their Toxicity to humans must also be a major factor, so to is lifestyle choices.

Any research into all the factors and measures taken to reduce the risks to Joe public is welcome by me.

Thanks for the post



I haven't read all the links (not in the right headspace) but I have always known that diesel is harmful because for years I started coughing whenever I was behind a diesel vehicle.

Nobody believed me - It's only recently that this has been admitted - and everyone was encouraged to "go green" with diesel for years (sarcastic laughter from me.) The joke is that it was cheaper and more economical initially but this is no longer the case.

I stand by my long-held theory that a lot of lung conditions are down to traffic and general pollution and thank you for posting all the above.

I live in the centre of a one-way system (I am a roundabout!) and really notice the difference when I go away for a few days. I don't suppose anything will be done to improve things, certainly not within my lifespan, but awareness helps - let's go back to the horse and enjoy the benefits of manure! 😄


I replied to a post the other day similar to this one years ago a farmer said that diesel was bad for us then when the labour party offered companies deals on the tax for fleet cars the farmer was interviewed on radio and later on TV sadly the farmer was right he forecasts were spot on if only the labour party had listened to him

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Yes - I know people who changed their company fleets to diesel which really disturbed me at the time but it was nothing to do with me so I couldn't say too much.

I wonder what the labour party gained from that ... must have been something substantial ... 💰💷


I'm sure they did gain they wouldn't change to loose. My husbands company changed and he has a diesel car now I'm hoping they are going to bring back petrol cars back


I think that's very unlikely because they'll be all set up for diesel now and won't want to change again.

I wish everyone who has a diesel company car could point blank refuse to use them - wouldn't that cause chaos?! Sadly nobody could afford to run the risk of being sacked for insubordination or whatever ...


My husband can choose from a few cars as long as they are diesel he pays a fortune in tax and having a company car is part of his contract. He also has a private health care the company pay on a block insurance he pays loads in tax on that would be cheaper to have his own when all his tax is paid he is left with less than the cap they put on benefits and he is away from home such a lot gives people no will to go out to work


What an absolute nightmare. There must be loads of people in similar situations and no way of getting out of the spiral.

It seems to me that people who work hard and manage to remain solvent are worse off.

My great example of the wrong people being penalised dates back to when we paid rates on our house value - so if you improved your house (at your own cost, of course) your rates went up! Nice one!!


My husband is taxed on what you earn zo they add the value of the car to the salary and tax him 40% labour and Tories are guilty on this. He spent 3 years abroad working paid tax and ni in this country then the country he was working in came after him for tax. When I was working I did up to 70 hours a week paid most of that in tax and when I was to ill to work went for pip and got turned down thanks to Gordon Brown changing the rules yet thousands of people every day come to this country through the gates Gordon Brown opened and claim all sorts of benefits and they have people to help them fill in the forms where is the justice in that


Justice? Haha! I don't believe there is much justice around ... I'm also not convinced that one political party is better than any other!

I do hope the tax abroad situation was sorted out though.


I think all politicians are the same out to feather there own nest.

Yes the tax was sorted it took 2 years and because he works away from home the uk tax office have put him on self assessment even though he is employed by a uk base company so he now has to fill them in every year and if he is late he is charged a £100.00 fine


Glad it got sorted. Self assessment isn't so bad - 9 months to submit before the fine!


When you work for the company my husband does its a pain he never gets a say if he want's to work the weekend we never get to book holidays he is controlled by them 24/7 they don't give him time to fill them in


I've p.m'd you as we've gone off topic!


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