Been ill

I am some what under the weather for the last day or two what with the cold and my knees I have now got a upset stomach can any thing alse go wrong ?? Mind you I could do with a pound or two off I have had some good news I now have a new car 11reg I have been driving around in old bangings for years so I am like a little pig in sh--- I do hope every one out there is ok all you wished for over Christmas as come true and the new year is good for you ED

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  • Sorry you are under the weather hope you will be better soon.

    Isn't it great having a new car I am on my 3rd one through my DLA, I feel really posh for a few weeks, enjoy it.

    take care

    polly xx

  • Get well soon ED and get out and enjoy your new car. Take care. Xxx

  • The best thing about driving an old banger is you don't care about it. What new car have you got? I hope you feel better real soon. x

  • I have the same car as my wife a cleo same year same every thing we do get mixed up but it's one thing I have waited for for years the only thing now is my fishing gear ? ED

  • I hope you are feeling better soon.

  • Good on her gal

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