COPD - Will My GP Listen To Me ?

Hi All, I have just signed up for this. I have had a persistent cough, that gets worse then better but never truly disappears. I get a tight chest and wheeze a lot especially in the evenings.. This has been since mid November. I also had a similar problem earlier last year that was treated with Anti-biotics . After some online research I am worried that I may be suffering with COPD. I do not smoke and never have, nor have I ever worked with a lot of dust. I have an appointment with my GP on Tuesday and am hoping he will take me seriously with my concerns... Is there anything specific I should mention to them, or things I should ask for ?

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Just tell him what you have said on here. Good Luck

If you have had a cough for more than 3 weeks your GP should take you seriously. Don't give up ask to be seen by a respiratory clinic consultant. You can get COPD even if a non smoker. But it is not the end of the world if you get the right treatment good luck at your GP. And be persistent .

You could ask for a spirometry test. This should indicate any COPD being present.

Do you have asthma or been tested for it? That would be the first port of call when investigating. I have the same kinds of symptoms which are managed by steroid inhalers. Don't get over anxious as it just makes you feel worse, but as Louisiana and the others say, be clear with the doc about what's happening to you. Roll on Tuesday!

Thanks guys.. I will defiantly mention asthma as there is some in my family and I have never been tested for it.

Just be factual in the GP's. Perhaps write a list of dates and symptoms, top of the list would be that you've never smoked.

Good luck. P

What's the color of your sputum? Do you have a chest infection?

GP are hard to deal with sometimes......You have to be your own Doctor sometimes and request for test that you might need. I know I have to ask for certain test for my own sanity... Ask a lot of questions and research a lot.

Good luck with GP

Its clear and only in small amounts

I agree with another commenter; if you are a never-smoker with a tight chest, wheeze, and cough, and a family history of asthma, I would say it's far more likely that you have asthma rather than COPD. Of course, both are possible.

Try not to use google to much until you have a proper diagnosis. Then only look at the proper sites or NHS.

Right down your symptoms and the length of time it has gone on for. Even use your friend as an excuse to suggest a breathing test was what he had?

Be Well

You don't have to smoke or be a ex smoker to get COPD ask your GP to do a lung function test and ask for a x-ray your local hospital should have a GP referral x-ray unit where you sit and wait.

Try not to Google and we are always hear to support you take care

Hi all, thanks for the replies .. it really helped me prepare. I saw my GP this morning and he is sure its not COPD. In fact he just thinks its an infection, but I stood my ground and am going to be tested for asthma initially as he thinks that's the first thing to check for. So I have a peak flow meter to use for the next week or so to get some tests. I then have an appointment wit the nurse who will look at my results and carry out more tests. If it doesn't prove conclusive I will ask for a spirometer test.

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