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It's been a while

Evening guys hope everyone had a lovely Christmas more importantly a safe one spent with love ones.

I was wondering if anyone could help me, the past few days my dad has been sleeping thought out the day on observing his oximeter I was astonished to see his heart rate was dropping from 90's to 34 but leaping rather than 1 or 2 a time. Likewise it will go back up in leaps.

I don't understand how it can drop so low and so drastically , he claims he doesn't feel ill but surely that's not right.

Can anyone shed some light on what's going on and what we should be doing ant it. Is it a one off or is his heart in a bad ay?

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Hi Melissa, I really wouldn't like to speculate on why your Dad's heart rate should drop so drastically while he's asleep.

There couldn't, by any chance, be a fault with the oximeter?

His rate does seem quite low.

I would be inclined to phone his GP who will be able to advise you with an accurate diagnosis.

Phone tomorrow before his surgery closes for the holiday.

Wishing you & your family a happy New Year 🍾🍸🎉🎈


He's not asleep when I take the reading sat stationary though. I didn't realize the doctors would be open tomorrow I'll ring thanks. Wish you and your family a healthy and happy new year also xx


Sorry Melissa I thought you meant you read his sats while he was asleep.

My GP's surgery is open tomorrow & has been all week so I just presumed everyone's was. I live in Scotland.

Take care & I hope you get answers soon 💐


I don't know whether your father has heart problems. I just hope you manage to see a DR tomorrow & they can reassure you. Love Margaret x


Have you tried another oxymeter? It looks to me like there is a fault with it especially as it's leaping about. Low 30s is very low. Bradley Wiggins is 28 at rest! the norm is 60 plus. Try it on yourself. Hope that you sort it soon. Tatters.

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