Info on copd please

Christmas now cancelled. I developed a sore throat on Thursday which deteriorated to non stop coughing and complete loss of voice by Sunday. Went to A&E sunday eve and given very short shrift?? Got worse and hubby called doc out this am after several nights of no sleep for either of us and christmas plans looming. Doc said I have a viral infection which has prob caused a secondary bacterial infection of airways ( coughing up phlegm) and that voice would take some days to recover and I would not be good for prob a couple of weeks. Large single dose of prednisolone given for the inflammation and 7 days of 3 x 500mg amoxycillin. Prednisolone seems to be helping already but still coughing but it is middle of night when worse. At least hubby is sleeping so relief of guilt there. For the last 2- 3years have suffered from severe depression and panic following a complete breakdown and am still on 40mg of citalopram daily. My father also had sçleroderma which eventually led to heart failure. For the last 12 months or so I have noticed that I become short of breath when walking uphill or stairs. Recovery is quite speedy but the feeling is that I cannot get enough air into my lungs, as if they will not expand sufficiently. I also yawn alot. I have had a consistent nagging cough but until this episode not really anything I would have drawn attention to. I also fairly frequently suffer bad choking fits when eating or drinking which can be prolonged and scary. My main concern is for me to recover from this incident and for hubby and I to have a restful and quiet christmas if not sociable. I would then like to look into what would appear to be a situation. Do I have COPD or GERD which has also been mentioned. Is the coughing, choking and breathlessness related - probably but how. Is scleroderma another possible influence? I am a 57 year old female, more overweight than I would like to be and prob not now as fit as I would like although I did alot of hugh level spirt and exercise through school, college and beyond. Scouring the internet is confusing but I have found this site and hope someone can give me guidance for my next visit to the doctors. Happy Christmas to one and all.

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  • Hi Donovan,

    You don't say if you are a smoker or ex smoker.

    My advice on your next visit to your gp is to ask for a spirometry test, it's very simple, just blowing into a machine. I am having my second one tomorrow. The test will determine if you have copd or not as it measures your lung capacity.

    Let us know how you get on.


  • Thanks Merv - having given up some 30 years ago. Will keep the post updated

  • Good luck for tomorrow Merv

    Hope it goes well

    Velvet xx 🎅🎅

  • Thanks Velvet


  • Hi Donovan, I am sorry you are feeling so poorly this time of year but hopefully you will recover very soon. It seems like you have (like your father?) scleroderma? If so and as you are suffering from shortness of breath you need to see a lung specialist. Scleroderma can lead to various abnormalities in lungs (not just COPD) and other organs so you need a full workup. The lung specialist will refer you cardiology etc if they cannot find reasons for t.he shortness of breath. I think you are wise to look into this into the new year: Gerd can certainly lead to trouble swallowing properly, sore throat and loss of voice, so you need to get investigated for that also. Gerd can also lead to lung problems. I hope you have a good GP and they will hopefully give you specialist referrals to get these things investigated. Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016. I hope and your husband will have an enjoyable timexx

  • Hello Donovan

    I am sorry you are Ill over Christmas, l hope you have a speedy recovery.

    Velvet 🎅🎅

  • Get a referral to Respiratory specialist ASAP,after Christmas n New year. There are a series of tests to be taken,plus CT scan. Be assertive,and appear well informed,but also show how distressed you've been by suffering your symptoms. Doctors are still dismissive of smokers and you can be left feeling responsible for your own condition. But our generation were led to believe it was glamouress. If you've never smoked,all more reason to be fully investigated. Hope you can have a nice Christmas and a pro-active New year. Take care and God Bless. Talli x

  • Hi Donovan59, you definitely need to have your health checked come the new year, so you can have your illness treated properly. Hope you feel a little better today, it is a shame A & E were a bit off with you but that is because you should be treated by your GP for none accident and Emergency or 111 out of hours in England. But it is all sorted now so best wishes for a speedy recovery and a nice Christmas. x

  • Hi Donovan, sorry to hear you've got the dreaded lurgy.Agree with Swerv get your Dr to refer you for spiometry test, only way to find out for sure the state of your lungs. Hope this does not spoil your Christmas too much. Take care.

  • Hope you get sorted and they find solutions for you soon so that you can enjoy your Christmas. Sincerely hope you have a good one. All best wishes xx

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