Not the day I expected

Not the day I expected

Planned for months our annual Xmas party day for our breath easy group was taking place yesterday at alocal hotel. I wwasn't well on Monday with a temperature and felt an infection coming on and thought it would not be wise to risk passing it on to anybody. Decided not to take the usual amoxicillin which I had taken 3 months in a row without first asking a doctor if I could take an alternative one. Phoned yesterday and got an appointment for 9.30 . The lady doctor I saw for the first to me was very thorough and looking through my history decided having tests would be advisable .she booked my into a new unit at the hospital bypassing A&E and ordered an emergency ambulance. I had bloods taken, given an ECG and hada chest x ray. Took sometime before the test results came through and iI wondered at 1pm how my friends at tnbthe club were enjoying their lunch . all there Xmas cards and choc and biscuits I was due to donate for raffle prizes were still at home. A consultant came to tell me the results and told me the doctor had suspected I had water on the lungs, hence the emerge cy and she had done the right thing . I was allowed home after taking 6 steroids and 2 Doxycycline. With others to take with me. I have nothing but praise for the doctor and hospital staff who looked after me so well despite being so busy.

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  • must have been really disappointing after looking forward to the party sods lawn it had to be that particular week when party was on , hope your feeling better soon , take care

  • Hi Joyce, that was lucky you decided to visit your GP. Even luckier that she was on the ball!

    Hope the new meds help you & get you back to being able to enjoy the rest of the Christmas celebrations. 🎄🎅🏻

  • Xthank you know you have had your share. Feel I now have a new MOT don't know for how long though.

  • Hi Joyce,first of all,what a cute photo😀 Sorry that you missed out on the party,after it being planned for so long 😳

    Sorry that you aren't well,but soo glad your Doctor was on the ball,& got things cracking for you.Great that the staff were so good too!

    Look after yourself,& get well for Xmas!

    Hugs Wendells xxx

  • Thank you the pic is of our youngest grandchild Beth 8 this week, we are best buddies love her to bits. I am feeling a lot better today and hope all is well with you.

  • She is gorgeous,you must be very proud xxx

  • Sorry you missed the party Joyce, but at least they got you sorted, hope you soon feel better. Love the pic! xx

  • Glad you got sorted Joyce but a shame about the party, we had our Breathe Easy Christmas meal yesterday it was lovely but I was so tired I nearly dozed off during the meal.

    Hope you will be feeling better very soon.

    take care

    polly xx

  • Hope you feel better soon Joyce and sorry to read that you missed the party xx

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