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Hi my name is Patrick, born in Drumquin, Co Tyrone in 1949.I have lived in Kings Heath Birmingham since 1952 and consider myself a dual national with Irish tendencies. I retired in 2011 after a 6 month diagnosis of IPF, which has worsened over the years. I am now at the stage where I am on oxygen 15 hours a day, I find walking short distances challenging but have managed to get to Cyprus with on board oxygen and a mobility scooter so for 2 weeks at least life is better

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So glad that you had your trip to Cyprus. But sorry about your condition.

Welcome to the forum. There are several members who have IPF. You will find a lot of help and advice here. I am interested in your condition because I believe mine is fibrotic but with a very different profile.

Have you retained your accent? I do hope so. I have four grandchildren who will have Irish accents, how brilliant is that?

All the best

Kate xx

No accent gone, returns a little in my mothers company. What is fibrotic

Fibrotic? It's lung scarring. I assumed your IPF is Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis? If I am wrong we need to delete the tape a bit. Let me know a little bit more about your condition of you have the inclination.


Yes it is idiopathic, I worked in industry and biopsy confirmed it around 5 years ago

hi Pat and welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear of your condition. I have COPD so, I don't know too much about IPF but, plenty on here do.

You did right to get yourself on holiday, I know it can't have been easy.

I hope you enjoy the board and soon feel at home here. xx

Hiya Pat,

welcome to the forum......I have IPF, but hav'nt been abroad recently because the dreaded tablets made me allergic to the sun! I'm on ambulatory oxygen and have much respect for the stairs in our cottage lol! I also have a whiff of it when sitting if I feel the need. Enjoy the company on here, they are great.


Peter I assume the tablets are perfenidone, I was told to use factor 50,but never had any side effects. I am on my last batch of the drug as my lung function has gone below 50% more tests in a fortnight

Hi Pat, yes those were the tablets....but I was intolerant to them and have now stopped taking them. Test and more tests, not false hope just exploring all avenues I guess, but have felt much better since I stopped taking them.

Hi Patrick welcome to the site. I hear that Cyprus is nice but never been myself. I'm sure some off the members with IPF will soon be along to greet you.

Hi Patrick. Welcome to the Community. There are several people here with IPF.

Regards, Rib

Thanks for the welcome rib. It is comforting in a macabre sort of way to know there are people in the same boat as you

I think that you are quite correct in people finding comfort in being able to speak with others suffering from the same ailment. When people come here for the first time it is often the first time that they have ever met anybody who has their condition. Often they know little to nothing able what they have been diagnosed with. Plus for many people that diagnosis is a very frightening thing.

Hopefully fears will be allayed and new techniques on how to live with their new condition exchanged. Rib

Hi they thought my hubby had IPF but it was asbestosis he has extensive Fibrosing. I love co Tyrone very Devon and Sussex looking countryside, been to Enniskillen today. Glad you had a good holiday take care.


My mom who was born in Castlederg Co Tyrone got repatriated after nearly 60 years. Let me explain whilst visiting her brother who had been allocated a warden controlled bungalow, commented to the warden "I wouldn't mind one of these" thinking no more of it, returned to England only to be given a choice of 3,of which she took one. Rent was very cheap because of her age in fact her benefits increased in Ireland. Anyway it was used as a holiday retreat with members of family taking her back and forth. Consequently I saw a lot of Ireland in the 5 years she kept hold of it happy days

Well if you ever come back over we will meet up, take care

Welcome Patrick, I love the "irish tendencies" :)

Glad you've found us and look forward to your posts.

Enjoy Cyprus!

Hello, Patrick and welcome to the forum. I am an oxygen using COPDer and I love Cyprus and am sure you will also enjoy it. Are you taking portable oxygen with you?

No portable oxygen, paid for oxygen on plane 100£ each way. Have concentrator in apartment

For future reference, some airlines do not charge for the on-board oxygen. How did you arrange for a concentrator in the apartment?

Yes you can download the list, unfortunately we had to go with monarch who apart from charging were very good. For the concentrator we googled oxygen in Cyprus, two suppliers around paphos one was 280 euros the other 650 euros for a fortnight. After no deliberation 280 man had it waiting in apartment. Hey it makes the holiday expensive but it might be my last time abroad, I hope not as I am enjoying the heat of Cyprus

I agree that the heat is worth the money and the effort but I went a lot and, after trying hiring, found it cheaper to buy my own portable concentrator. Enjoy the holiday.

hi welcome to the site hope you find some help here

Thanks zetor love your dog. I have 2 jack Russells

its good therapy having dogs as they make you go out , I had a jr years ago lovely little dog with people and other dogs but if another dog upset her she would not stop till it ran away from her

My dogs are 15 and 13 so don't require a lot of walking, they are both blind. I could no longer walk them but now and again my wife takes the younger one. Both dogs share 2 beds with the older smaller dog the boss

Hello and welcomed Patrick

My lungs are great ( well as good as they can be ) when I'm abroad in the sun,


Hi Patrick & welcome to the community. I have COPD, Heart Failure & AF SO I don't know much about IPF. There are several people who do so you'll be fine have a great holiday. Best wishes Nan

Thanks nan

Welcome to the site. You have come the right place to get help.

Rubyxx 😊

Thanks ruby, love your cat

Want to say welcome too. Wonderful you made it on holiday - think it sets us up for quite a while - change of scene etc. lots of good wishes x piggi

Welcome. People are very good here so ask any questions and someone will get back to you pretty quickly xx

Hi Patrick

Hope you are ok? I was born in Guys Hospital, London in 1950 of parents born in Roscommon and County Mayo. I too am on oxygen 1 litre min 15 hours daily. I have severe COPD. I make sure I walk at least 15mins daily.

Look after yourself


Hi Malinga you were probably like me when young, speaking with a Irish accent in the house and with a English accent with school friends 15 hours oxygen is what I on at 0.5 litres /min. I find walking challenging especially these last few months, have purchased a second hand mobility scooter for 200 which has got me out more

Hi Pat

Yes, you are probably right about pre-school Irish accent

I use a mobility scooter when I go into town. It is a good scheme whereby you can just park your car and then for a small donation rent a scooter from this Mobility Scheme. I would never be able shop otherwise. I also have a wheelchair that collapses to go into the car boot. My sisters are pretty good about pushing me about on hospital trips.

Look after yourself.


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