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Pulmary Rehab Respority Physiotherapy Low Blood Co2

Pulmary Rehab Respority Physiotherapy Low Blood Co2

Today I seen my Respority Physiotherapy at lung clinic .. Hooks and Crooks of it he said I suffer from low Blood Co2

Me being Nieve thought that was good news considering I still smoke :o

But NO a low Co2 is as bad as a High Co2 anyway he started talking about Over-breathing of Un-known Cause that causes shortness of breath.

Also we touched on Bicarbonate I thought he was offering me a fizzy drink BUT no he was talking about Co2 and Metabolism Pursed Lip Breathing or should we say venting like a old boiler :)

Anyway here is video that explains Over-breathing Low Co2 and Hyperventilation and how you think the more or faster you breath the more Oxygen your getting WHEN in realty the less your getting

As with lung disease nothing is what it's seems BUT at least I can hold my breath for 40s and believe it or not that is a plus plus when it comes to lung disease copd or emphysema

Currently av been advised to breath out longer than time it takes to breath in :o

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Where's my reply gone, try again, glad u got some good advice and passed it on to us, take care and happy breathing xx Sonia xx

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Hi Sonia1972 Cheers yer was an eye opener ... Is lot harder to do than is to write BUT defo guna have to try life depends on it

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Hi Daz, I hyperventilate too, and do try to breathe gently ...belly breathing....but when I get stressed it goes haywire.

Is your 40second breath hold on the in or out breath...Buteyko says it should be after the out breath.

I find meditation and relaxation exercises help slow my breathing rate and help prevent hyperventilation .

Take care


Hi Knitter it's on in breath .. Well I mean a take deep breath then hold it :o

Did loosen secretions .. He told me he as quite a few pass out doing it .. So I would not recommend lung dieases suffers try it unless at doctors

Defo don't do it if eating soup

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I remember after my drain was taken out after my pleurectomy, doctor told me deep breath hold for ten seconds then a long pursed lips blow out, had to do it 10 X a day, to prevent mucus settling in the bottom of the lungs, thus help prevents infections xx Sonia xx


Hi cheers yer he said to me I had to try it all time GOSH I thought.

I already have people asking if am ok IF am in queues or if am talking to authority figures lol

Half time I leave em guessing lol

People with copd need to take advice about doing Buteyko Knitter since it's designed to up your level of CO2, and many of us with copd retain CO2 above the normal level as Im sure you know. So Buteyko can be dangerous for us but good for people with asthma.

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Well your sounding a bit perkier Daz, maybe because your finally get some answers. Hopefully, there are more answers to come, you've struggled long enough. xx

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Hi Cassper99 Cheers might be residue from Iodine think takes 120 days to leave your body :)

Had my flu jab Saturday and no infection as of yet .. that as surprised me as usually am full of it by now .. Well flu infection that is :)

Anyway yep ask PR guy today is any CT Scan Iodine contrast going Obv not that big needle thing attacted to ct scanners just a drop or two lol

Defo going to see my gi liver doc about it

Anyway thanks again and cheers

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Did you just see him the once? It sounds as though you would really benefit from a pulmonary rehab course Daz. You will get all this info and lots of breathing tips there, such as the long breath out, pursed lip breathing and breathing into your belly area rather than high up in the chest. Lots of stuff about exercise and diet as well. Ask about it at your GPs if this was a one-off.

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Hi Toci Cheers yer have seen him few times it's like open door .. Gone all over that but have gut issues that need resolving THERE restricting my breathing IS like something squashing my lungs

Had contrast ct scan so waiting on results hopefully the can tell me and sort out what's going on with my abdomen

Singing can help with breath control as you take a short breath in and then release it slowly as you breathe out. Singing well also requires you to sing from the abdomen rather than the upper chest. And I prefer singing to just doing exercises - more fun.

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Hi Eregendal Cheers yer I like whistling got quite a collection and not that bad eather .. Well lung function secretions permitting that is lol

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Hi Daz I agree with Toci I went on a PR course back in January it was fantastic you get to know about diet and simple things like how to prepare food without using to much energy, drugs and how to use them but most of all the benefit of exercise

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Hi onamisson cheers yer I do quite well considering .. Am member of a gym so try and get there every so often

It's more infection that nocks me for six ... Each one takes more of my lung function away and takes longer to recover

I know what you mean Daz I'm not sure what meds your on but I have just had mine changed from Spiriva dry powder capsules to Spiriva mist and I find it much better because when I was having a bad day I couldn't get the powder down my lungs, and Spiriva is supposed to help keep infections at bay.

I go swimming because I can't exercise on land due to back problems but any exercise helps try and get on a PR course you will learn so much.

I think we have all learned something today from you Daz. You are a mine of information. All I know is that Pete sometimes chokes so much that he cannot catch a breath in again and his throat collapses (trachea malacia) which is very scary. He does panic and says he cannot breathe but I get him to calm down and breathe through pursed lips which does help.

I hope you do well and holding your breath for 40 seconds is very good.

Take care. xxxx

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Hi Sassy I have had my airways do same DEFO agree with you and Pete is scary business when it happens so do know exactly what your saying

Defo is the pits it's just good we are great survivors as with our conditions is something you learn the hard way

Hope you and Pete are doing well considering all

Wishing you well n all the best cheers :)

We are ok thanks Daz and wishing you all the very best too. Take care. xxxxxx :)

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