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Hello BLF friends!

Can anyone give advice with claiming PIP? I missed the cut off date for continuing with DLA at age 65 by three weeks and I have now had the letter saying DLA will cease and I must apply for PIP. Anybody who has been successful and can give advice please.

I am Chair of a Breathe Easy Group and information will be useful to our members.


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  • Sorry Hedge I have not received mine as yet. I miss the cut off by 2 weeks - isn't it a pain, especially when you have indefinite.

    When I do get mine I will be contacting Welfare Rights - they are so helpful and take a lot of stress out of it as they do it day in day out.

    Good luck.

    love cx

  • Thanks for your reply cofdrop. Yes it is a pain when you have a lifetime award and stand to loose it just because different measurement standards are being applied by private companies working for the DWP with the aim of turning down as many applicants as possible.

    I have not contacted Welfare Rights but looking at their on-line advice it looks as if they will not be much help!

    Good luck when your time comes.

    Cheers, Hedge

  • I think their funding comes from the local council, so it may depend on where you live. I have been in contact with them twice and on both occasions, as it is disablement they came out to my home. I can only speak as I find and they were brilliant and the DWP know if you are knocked back they will appeal. Worth a try. Lot of folks like CAB and I know someone who found DIAL helpful.


  • There are several ways to get help, including the BLF benefits adviser! But I would ask a local organisation to go through the form with you. Sometimes they'll come to your house. As you probably know, between now and end 2017, PIP will be rolled out to the rest of the country on a random basis. Robin

  • Thanks Robin,

    Best wishes,


  • Surely if you are now in receipt of your state pension you should be claiming Attendance Allowance not PIP? x

  • That doesn't apply cough if you were in receipt of DLA before you retired. Those who were 65 on or before the specific date in April 2013 will not have to reapply but those like Hedge and myself who were in receipt of DLA but were 65 after that date will have to re-apply for PIP.


  • Ok thanks cofdrop. x

  • Getting pip isn't easy I was refused it 2 months ago. Having just had a flare up I intend to try again any advice?

  • Good luck!

  • I thought if you were in receipt at retirement you didn't have to apply very confusing

  • If you were 65 (retirement age) on or before 8th April 2013 you continue to receive DLA for the life of your condition. Anyone turning 65 after that date has their DLA stopped and has to apply for PIP. I turned 65 only 38 days after the cut off date so I have to apply for PIP and stand to loose my benefits - my neighbour who was 65 on thee 8th April 2013 keeps his benefits without having to do anything - so unjust!

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