lung illness etc

I suffer copd, & resp.failure type 2, diabetes type 2, acid reflux, inflammation of stomach & gullet, severe damage to my gullet, I have a hernia, very bad varicose veins & i have bad depression & i was turned down for DLA,pip,nus/rail card mobility all I'm allowed is esa & IN support group. But in rent arrears got illness through damp & mold landlord doing no repairs & Now face homeless eviction I got s21 he wants to sell house too, repairs not done after nearly 2 years I don't have nowhere to go but it will be classed as intentionally homeless bad luck 4 me so I can't help adviceing sorry

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  • Sounds absolutely rubbish and unfair to me.

    Have you seen CAB. They might be able to help.... Certainly can advise you re PIP. Are you appealing decision? Lots people get turned down due to how forms filled.

    Don't understand how you intentionally homeless when given eviction notice. Again suggest seek advice about this from professionals

  • hi Mandy i'm sorry to hear you have been turned down for DLA, could you email me and i don't want to say it over this site so can you email me at and i might be able to answer why you where turned down take care Alan

  • I thought DLA had been replaced by PIP around Oct 2013. So sorry to hear of all your problems. Take the advice of our members & seek help now. Good luck for the future

  • hi Jessy it has but people that was on DLA before the PIP came in on Oct 2013 stay on DLA it is only new people that are applying with be on PIP but also those that are on DLA like myself will have to go though and be retested take care Alan

  • Oh I see, thanks for the explanation. It's all very confusing! Have a good day

  • hi Jessy your right but can i just tell you this when applying for pip if you have say a shoulder injury you have to explain it in that many different ways how it affects your daily route and its not just for one question it might come up in every question you have to answer anyway if you need any help because filling in the forms can be confusing just email me i've given it to you please feel free to ask i've been though it twice and let me tell you that they fire question but you have to explain everything that you are suffering not just once but many time hope this helps but remember i'm here if needed i can help you with it take care Alan

  • Ok I got a letter off letting agency saying they was sending a locksmith to change locks so I rang them & they said they've ad no housing benefit for 3 months that's why I've ad the s.21 anyway I'll email u in half hour x

  • hi mandy if there's anything i can do just let me know ok my friend Alan x

  • Hi Mandy, get in touch with shelter, if in London crisses or St mungo's, what is happenning to you is totally unacceptable xx

  • I'm in doncaster area I'll sort it in end but all worry & stress packing nowhere to go is cracking me up I just want to settle & get on with no worries bout what to do where to go I'm happy to cope alone as I've never had people to care or help me before it's me that's done it for everyone been there & too honest & caring well I'm strong enough to survive everything I've been through in life & it's nowt good happens, but I've had to cope alone that's why I do now

  • You definitely need some advice from somewhere, I think CAB is probably the best place to start. Good luck with your enquiries - sounds as if you're due some.

  • I am so sorry Mandy that you have so many health conditions and are now faced with eviction. You need to contact CAB as I am sure they will help you to appeal against the DLA decision and also support you in being rehoused.

    Would your GP give you the support you need right now? It might be worthwhile making an appointment to see your GP and make your surgery aware of all that you are being forced to go through. I do hope that things will improve for you soon.

  • So sorry this is happening to you Mandy. If you have a Welfare Rights attached to your council, you might want to contact them. They usually come to your home if it is to do with disability. They would help with an appeal and would check over any benefits you may be entitled to. They are also attached to the council and so may be able to put you in touch with someone within the housing department or will defo point you in the right direction.

    Feel you need experts involved to take much of the pressure off you.

    Good luck and please let us know how you get on.

    Love cx

  • Hello Mandy. This is dreadful for you. Make sure the S21 Notice is valid, often it contains errors and is not enforceable Also you dont have to leave when the landlord says so you can force him to get a court order which takes time.

    Surely you must qualify for Housing Benefit? Robin

  • I was very sorry to hear about all your problems, Mandy. If you have a helpful local councillor, he/she could get in touch with the relevant council departments. At the very least he could make sure that you were not classed as intentionally homeless. He is there to represent your interests. Are there any local housing assocs lists that you could get on for the future. Do let us know how you get on. K

  • Can't add anything to the good advice already given, Mandy, but just wish you luck that all will be sorted quickly once you've tried everything the others have suggested.

  • Go to your local breath essay group they might be able to help. You need to get out of your flat any mould and damp is dangerous for people with lung conditions

  • I've got no group in this area that I know of but thanxs

  • Thank you all for advice & support I will keep you updated in the outcome of this once again very Grateful

  • I don't know what to do really feel like walking out of here I've rebuilt my life so many times I don't see point bad luck I am nobody cares nobody would notice I feel low today just ignore me a new day tomorrow

  • Im sorry youre feeling so bad. First thing you need to do is go to the Housing Office and find out why your benefit hasnt been paid. The arrears arent your fault if the benefit hasnt been paid. Im sure that can be sorted out. But if your place is mouldy perhaps you should look for somewhere else anyway as that will do your health no good. Robin

  • Housing benefit is being paid so I don't understand why the lettings agent is saying they've had no money for 3 months, is it cause they just want me out for reporting them to enviromental health & i got a solicitor? Well that was in may 2014 & im still stuck here in the same house & no repairs are done, these repairs got reported December 2013 nearly 2 years ago & not been attempted to be done & they av cheek to want me out my health worsening on, the hospital can't do anything for me its basically saying "off ya go Ur gonna die can't help you bye"

  • I can't wait to find somewhere asa So folk nice of everyone for advice it helped so thank you everyone. God bless u all xx I'm going sleep now as I'm really tired so so much goodnight & godbless xx

  • Hi mandy you should appeal your pip it took me 18 month to get mine. went when was really ill lucky for me it was near where I lived .keep trying hope you get sorted. Dave

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