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Relaxing Hobby? Huh...

Hobbies are supposed to be relaxing...said to take your mind off any troubles...some are even described as a form of Zen meditation...colouring in Mandela's is one which falls into that category...

No-one ever pops up with researching family trees as a way to relax...and if they did they'd be fibbing.

I've just spent the best part of an hour looking for a second marriage for a bloke...he didn't actually marry his first 'wife' but that's neither here nor there...her name was Eliza...the lady who gave him ten children without benefit of a ring on her finger...

Eliza disappeared on the 1881 census...to be replaced by Celia. So I searched high and low for Celia...which you would...only to find that Eliza was actually named Celia Eliza...

She'd been perfectly happy calling herself Eliza for the last thirty years...now...all of a sudden...she decides to revert back to her original first name.

Could have shaken her until her teeth rattled...always supposing she had any left after so many babies...

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I tried doing the family tree thing, it was very interesting at first, until I was contacted by the rudest northerner i have ever come across and talk about lazy. I ended up doing the leg work for her. Thing is she was born in the same house as me, 10. Years before me... i could ramble on but there'd be no point now. I felt genealogy was very expensive so I stopped doing it

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Reminds me of a time I was contacted by a cousin in New Zealand who announced all her relatives were descended from convicts...I pointed out the ones who could be traced way back to the minor royals of the 1300's...she said that was rubbish.

Not had anything to do with her since...lol

Oh dear vashti! I looked back to try and trace my grandfathers second wife. We as children called her aunty Mallie. Couldn't find that name but found a Pamela... It must be very frustrating but you know you love it really :) xx

Suppose I do...really...lol

You know that they do colouring books for adults now ? Apparently it's going to be the next big thing. Bit more relaxing then ancestry :)

I've seen them on sale in our local newsagents...they look really nice actually!

They do, and very soothing as well. Why don't you check out that site that Still Standing and Granny Jan mentioned last night ? It's called 'Future Learn' so google it and have a look. I signed up for one of their free online courses today and feel quite excited by the whole thing. New experience, can't be bad and from the confort of your own home, at no expense. Himself would approve :)

Hi Vashti, just read this post. I hope it's not my family tree causing the problems?! Jan xx

It wasn't...and your 'stuff' is sitting there looking at me...just needs putting in an envelope...big sigh!

I love your turn of phrase Vashti. 😸

Thank you....lol

Why, why, why did they use to change their names so much years ago? I spent years looking for the one missing member of my immediate family - namely Ann! Only to find out that her real name was Amelia. Even my own Mother was called Nellie (awful name) by her family, when her real name was Alice! It's so frustrating, let alone, time wasting.

It's the time wasted chasing people who changed their names at the drop of a hat...

The name Nellie is pretty gross actually...whereas Alice is pretty!

I agree with you Vashti. I get very angry when they refer to her as "Nellie", though they don't seem to think there's anything wrong with it? My poor Mum died when she was only 29 years old, and although I never knew her, I find it disrespectful.

I have tried, without success, to find out the name of the childrens home my mother was brought up in. would have thought there would be a record somewhere, but maybe not. this searching is an acquired skill needing much patience, it seems to me.

Hope the puzzle solving takes your mind off your health problems. iris x

You've tried Barnados? They would be the most obvious...or try the council department closest to where your Mum came from...for instance Birmingham City Council had many children homes...another idea is the Salvation Army...though they tend to specialise in missing people...also have a go at religious homes...especially Catholic Homes for babies and children...

Hope this helps a little.

thanks, Vashti, I will try those ideas. I know she was with her younger brother, and he eventually was put on the training ship the Arethusa, I think it was called. How I wish I had asked more questions, but they were not encouraged - her memories were painful I believe. Iris x

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