Our smoke Bush (Cotinus)

Our smoke Bush (Cotinus)

This is the woody end of our garden, and the gap in the fence leads to my son's garden. The Smoke Bush is a useful shrub, lovely autumn colour later after these 'flowers' have finished. there is a large holly tree next to it but we don't get many berries unfortunately. Lots of work to do in son's garden, my husband is enjoying the novelty of working in a different garden for a change! iris x

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  • Wow that is beautiful never seen one before,really like that.

  • Liking your smoke bush Iris, don't remember seeing one. x

  • What a beautiful tree. I haven't seen one before.

  • I love your Smokebush, I'm going to look out for one its lovely!😀

  • What a beautiful bush Iris. I have seen something similar before but never knew what it was called. Hope you are well. xxx

  • thanks Sassy, the name comes from the wispy flower heads that turn greyish as they go over and look like smoke. Hope Pete is doing Ok. And you, of course. Iris x

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