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Just Ranting

I spent the night in the ER for observation after suffering extreme nausea, dizziness, chest pains, neck pains and increased SOB. DRs did every heart test available and stated everything looked normal. Also took cxr and said that was clear and showed no abnormalities. A few hours after getting home, the symptoms flared up again. Now I'm wondering if something in my home is triggering my symptoms...Anyone else ever experience this. I was first told I had COPD, then changed to possible asthma. I'm so confused and no meds seem to help with the breathing issues.

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I had a few nights in hospital recently, mine was due to anxiety, although I have been in hospital due to a trigger, " air freshener ".

There could be several causes, household products, pet hair, dust mites.

You will have to make your own check list to find the problem.


That's what Dr suggested too, I just don't know where to start :(

Guess I'll just keep looking.


Just wondering to you have gas in your house...if so do you have a carbon monoxide detector.

I used to have a gas fire that was condemned as it was sending fumes into the room...I couldn't understand why I felt ok at work but fluey at home.

I hope you find an answer soon..take care


Hi Beeps

I was diagnosed severe asthma and stage 3 copd over a year ago at age 48.

My daughter also age 15. So there is definitely something in the house contributing to our joint diagnosis. A left over from some flooding we had?

The other day I had just had enough of the air in the house even with the windows open 24/7 so spent £200 on an air purifier and can feel the clean air. A neighbour has a barbecue 3 doors away and the machine went into overdrive to clear the air. There have been several previous posts on air purifiers so each to their own. Funny no 'pollution' in bedrooms just living room where we spend the most time.

Hope things improve for you.


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I have had asthma for 30 years and one of my main triggers is dust mites. Make sure you wash your bedding and towels at at least 60 degrees as under that doesn't kill them. Other advice I have been given is to get rid of anything which can harbour dust. So if possible get rid of curtains and use blinds, wooden floors are better than carpets and a leather/non fabric material is better than fabric sofas and chairs. x

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Great advice there Cal2. We now just have blinds and no curtains. Still carpets but vacuum every day. Take care. xx


Hi Coughalot2,

You say you have asthma. Do you get frequent bronchspasms and the deep urge to yawn a lot. These are my main two symptoms and the meds don't seem to relieve them.


Hi I don't get the first one but do get the 2nd one quite a lot. People are always asking me if they are boring me! or are they keeping me awake. :) x


It does sound like quite a combination of things and many have suggested what could be wrong. Hope you find out soon and can get to feel better. Take care and wishing you well. xxxxxx


Some cleaning products can leave you gasping for air especially spray polish, I have found that using totally natural products and a steam cleaner have eliminated this now and the steamer kills the dust mites too ... I steam the bed once a week and the pillows and leave the windows open for a few hours and when I retire to bed all smells fresh and lovely and I sleep well. Lots of steamers out there that do the floors but ive got one that does everything (you get it off the tv ad) it has been the best device ive ever purchased and I would happily buy another when I need it.


I find stron perfume, any spray unless it is pump action sets me off. Likewise household cleaning products so have me gasping. I have some surgical masks. they are cheap to buy and can be worn more than once. Fumes in a traffic jam set me off too.

Since George had his coat professionally stripped he has stopped shedding hair which is a help. We don't have cloth chairs and I wash his blankets regularly.

We have hard floors and a steam mop. With cleaner I spray it into a cloth. Toilet cleaner goes into the toilet and the lid put down. Later, I brush the bowl with my mouth and nose covered.


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