Daughter of a COPD patient

Good Morning, So I stumbled across this forum after I decided to take a detailed look on the BLF website, and boy am I glad I did. My father is 82 and was diagnosed with COPD in 2006 and is now in Stage 4 of the disease . My Family and I find it difficult to talk to others who have their own experiences as there isn't much around here for support groups. I've turned to the forum for support and to learn of others experiences whether its personal, from a care giver or family members. Thanks for reading

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  • Morning and welcome smiler, there are lots f members here that can help with advice and information. Im newly diagnosed so not too experienced yet. Wish your father well, and hang around, best place to be.


  • Morning, thank you for your reply. I wish you well too. Im going to definitely stick around.


  • You are a lovely caring daughter and welcome ,I hope you gain help from the site I know I do !

    Take care


  • A warm welcome to you and your Dad 😃

  • Thank you Peege. X

  • Hello Smiler and welcome to the forum. You've come to the right place, there are loads of very knowledgeable people on here and many who are in their 80's too. My Dad had COPD and managed very well. He passed away through something completely different.

    I wish I had found this forum back then because it would have helped me immensely in understanding the little things to do with his lung problems. Like making sure he took a little exercise or knowing that after taking a bath, how very tiring it actually was for him to get himself dry ect...

    Your a wonderful daughter and your father is very lucky to have you. xx

  • Thank you Casper. It's nice knowing there is a support system out there. Xx

  • Hi smiler, you know I think I would join here even if I wasn't a sufferer, cos everyone is so friendly, and it's like having loads of pen pals. :-)


    Gjan x

  • Lol Gjan, this fills me with much confidence about the site and look forward to sharing information as well as receiving it xx

  • Welcome to you and your dad. There are so many lovely people here to chat to xx

  • Hello Smiler and welcome to our family.

    I'm Stage 4 myself. I just have emphysema and no bronchitis.

    I was diagnosed just over 4 years ago.

    I still work at the part time job I was doing before being diagnosed and try to do most " normal " things. It takes time and planning but I get there.

    I'll try and answer any questions and so will all the other lovely members.

  • Well thank you for your message Puff. I've had some very lovely comments so far regarding my posts and want to keep giving support where it's needed. My Father is in the end of stage 4 now and at 82 he is still a fighter. But day to day things he used to do he cant do now. I'm sure there will come a time when I need help with something

    Thanks again


  • I hope that we all can continue to inform and help you Smiler. I have found this site a real godsend!

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