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Legs and feet swelling up?

Good morning all.

Got a shock yesterday ,I noticed my feet were swelling, up my ankles had disappeared and my legs were like thick tree trunks, I am a lightweight little old lady.

I was quite relieved this morning when I noticed the swelling had gone down, but what caused it, the heat or the fact that I am eating more than ever now especially sweet things so have put a bit of weight on?

Is this yet another side effect of COPD?

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I understand that this can be a side-effect of COPD too. I also get swollen ankles every day and put on about a kilo in weight which I lose overnight with several trips to the toilet during the night. I make sure I drink plenty of fluids, but sometimes my urine is dark even though I have drunk a lot. Some people have posted on here that they have been prescribed water tablets by their GP - it might be an idea to show your swollen ankles to your doctor and see what he or she says.


Thank you for your input eregendal. I too drink about 2 litres of water every day resulting in loss of sleep with lots of visits to the loo,however my urine is normal as are my stools.

As this is the first time this has happened to me, I don't think I will bother my Doc yet.

Hi memah.

My feet don't normally swell too much but the last couple of days have been bad. Especially my left one. It's probably the heat. If it continues though see your gp. I've got an appointment for next week. M x

Thank you Mocarey, at least I am not on my own with this. I am putting it down to the heat. lol

Might be the heat but you could try putting your feet up a bit more and see if that helps, but if it keeps happening I would see the doctor.

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At least you can keep a watch for it now & see the GP if it happens regularly. When resting, raise your ankles higher than your hips for a few days to help with 'drainage'!



I had a recent episode of badly swollen ankles. I'd had a bit of swelling for a while but it flared up after a time when I drank a large amount (& don't tell my doc but it wasn't water).

Anyway it didn't settle & when I went to the GP she immediately changed my blood pressure tablets (I had been on amlodipine which she reckoned often causes swelling). Along with a bit of lying on the settee with my feet up (a tough therapy but I coped), the problem has eased significantly. She did send me off for some blood tests as well though to check for some other things so if it persists it's always worth getting it checked out.

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Thank you for that Minushabens, I am also on Amlodipine and have been for 3years so I don't think it could be them that caused the swelling.

I do make full use of my Lazy Boy chair for 1 hour in the afternoon for my nap and all evening when watching TV.

I have to go to Docs for my annual review of my meds so I will mention it then.

I had been on amlodipine for about 7 or 8 years, so when she said straight away that would most likely be the cause I reacted much the same: "it won't be that I've been on it for years". Anyway I changed for a different BP tablet & the swelling more or less vanished within a couple of days so don't rule it out as a possibility.

I guess maybe sometimes something just triggers it (in my case it might have been a sip or two...ish of real ale but I decided not to mention that).

As I mentioned she has also ask for various blood tests but the swift reduction in swelling suggests she called it right.

Good luck anyway; whatever the cause I hope you get it fixed.

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Hi I had a spell of getting very swollen lower legs and ankles before I had copd. It was caused by putting on weight. As soon as I lost half a stone it disappeared completely. x

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Ha Ha, I have only put on a few pond coughalot2 weighing in at 9st now.

Oh to be 9 stone again. :-)


Me too. Memories.... :d x

It does not look good on me as I am only 5'1", I look like a dumpling as it is all around my tummy area so don't be envious, you probably suit whatever weight you are, you know they say 'age is only a number' well so is weight only a number.

We should be happy whatever we weigh shouldn't we, after all we are still here having fun and enjoying life especially with the beautiful blue skies and lovely warm sun on our backs?

Take care xx

Mine are swollen by the time I go to bed in this heat but fine by the morning. I believe that if it was the COPD they would stay swollen. My husband's stayed swollen, heat or no heat.

Thank you for replying PaMaBa, deffo the heat then, just not used to it are we.

Only just seen this post, i to had exactly the same on Wednesday evening, swollen feet and ankles very sore as the skin seemed to be very tight. I am convinced that it was the heat alone that did it as by Thursday morning they were fine.

Yes clematis5932, it can be very alarming though if you have not experienced it before. Won't worry about it again now I know the cause.x

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