Feeling really breathless today. All I have done is sat in the garden under an umbrella. I even increased oxygen from 1/2 to 1 litre for about 10 minutes. Can't increase anymore as CO2 retainer. Also my pulse rate rose to 110. Could just about make something to eat. Then I had to wait a couple of minutes just to get my breath back I do have severe COPD but still....I'm hoping it is just the weather.

Anybody else had this problem today?

Take care


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I'm about the same as you. Half litre per min. 15 hours miniimum. I'm not a retainer but pulse rate just above 100. I'm a bit chesty today too. I'm at work at the moment but on the Broads in the open air so it's a bit cooler now.

what work do u do on the broads. puff.

I transport vehicles locally.

Hi Puff

Thanks for replying. Hopefully today is supposed to be cooler. Luckily I am off sick from work; Just do 3 days admin. Sounds like you work outside.

Take care


Its just right for me with this emphysema. I get a bit of exercise, fresh air, wildlife to watch and doing the evening shift it's cooled down a bit by then. :)

My husband was very breathless yesterday and even worse the day before - he though he was coming down with something but it is just the heat. He can't do the heat or the cold! He has been using his oxygen quite a lot more. Take care, hope today is better xxx

My hubby found the last few days hard it sad as he loves the summer but his breathing even so bad plus he now got bad pains again between his shoulder blades he been coughing more than normal plus his pluse has been 110 and sat low feel so helpless as can not do any thing to help

Perhaps you could call the doctor? especially if his sats are low - it maybe he needs some oxygen? It could also be that he is fighting an infection - there are so many going around. Good Luck xxx PS a handheld little fan helps my husband too xx

I spoken to his nurse told me to give him his antibiotics which he has in reserved and to just keep a eye on him today and ring her if I'm still worried I have a big fan on near him I told to try to lay down and relax as he gets so tired when his breathing gets worst thank u for your reply x

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