A Tongue in Cheek View

A Tongue in Cheek View

I saw this today and had to smile, it sums us all up here, although I am very lucky to have both. Love in my life at home and on this site.

Have a good Tuesday

Velvet xx

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Both are nice to have Velvet. Hope you have a good day too. xxx :)

Made me smile.

Don't usually need oxygen, although I had to have it for 10 days during my last hospital stay. But couldn't live without the love of my family and friends, and of course everyone on here. xx

Been lucky to only have needed oxygen in hospital, but still being able to breath natural oxygen wonderful as well!!

GJ x

Love it I'd like this as a cover on my phone,

Thanks for making me smile.

No oxygen for me. ☺ So cute. Would be cute for cover on phone Dawn. Hows those twins Velvet? And their doggy? Whats his name?


Hi Ruby,

Mayhem and Chaos are fine thank you, although they are both teething at the moment, so I may have to change their nicknames to JAWS 1 AND JAWS 2 once they learn to bite !! The dogs name is 'Catastrophe' by me but called Beau by others, she is a beautiful little cocker spaniel whose tail never stops wagging.

If you fancy a Minions phone cover or case, visit Amazon, they have loads.

Well all's well over my side of the Pond, it's 8am here, and looks as if the sun may show its face later. Happy Wednesday. Keep well.

Velvet xx

Hi Velvet

Your so funny with your names for the twins! I hope that sweet little doggie, can hold her own with them.

Have a great day😊😊


That gave me a real giggle Velvet ! Thanks, Sheila x

thanks - for me well one of of two ain't bad ha,ha xx

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