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Hi everyone, newbie here though very experienced on the importance of forums relating to our individual wants needs and likes. Just recently diagnosed with COPD, and though im trying to be optimistic its a very worrying future. Im kicking 60 with time on my hands, read a lot, no tv, love radio, visit my grandchildren daily of which I have 4 and one on the way. I have a lot to look forward to and haven't a lot of time for wallowing in my disabilities. Looking forward to contributing and connecting with folks in similar situations.

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  • LIOL

  • Hello and welcome jjude

    This is a lovely site where we can share the ups and downs of life.

    You have a good attitude and that's a bonus.

    You will see we vary in our ages and stages not only of copd but other lung related problems.

    So again a big warm welcome and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

    Take care and try to get some exercise into your day which many of us believe is the best advice.


  • LOL

  • Ditto wishes & welcome from me. Peege

  • Thank you Peege

  • Thanks for the welcome SK, exercise is one of the things Im looking into. Being Disabled for many years due to a degenerative spine hasn't helped but Im sure me and the family will work something out.

    Thanks for the LOL aberdeen, ill work out eventually what was so funny x

  • Welcome Jjude. Look forward to seeing more of your posts :)

  • Thanks O2Trees, I tend to dive in and learn as much as i can, and probably read far too much. Hopefully become an active participant and help where I can.

  • Hi JJude,welcome.Don,t take too much notice of Aberdeen man he has a bit of a bee in his bonnet about new people due to some oddballs recently causing problems( think he,s been on the "sauce too lol") Regarding Copd I have very severe emphysema Fev1 20% , hoping to get on transplant list soon( lungs )Eat well,as much exercise as you can and avoid infections oh and take your meds.I don,t think I need say stay positive

    You seem to have that covered,well done ,it,s not easy sometimes,best of luck.D. 😄

  • Thanks D, I'm off to nurse and doctors today and tomorrow to find out what meds, i went friday because id been told i had low oxygen levels after having a cataract removed last week. had a spiro something test and nurse said then it was copd. I take a glass of honey and lemon most mornings to ward off colds and such, unfortunately i can feel a cold coming on but usually the honey and lemon settles that down within a short while after getting up.

    Anyways enough of me, i wish you luck and thanks for the welcome. x

  • Hi Jjude, stop worrying and be optimistic. As my husband would have said "kicking sixty ? You`re nobbut a chicken !" Count your blessings if you have family near enough to visit and keep going out yourself. I`ve got years and years on you, now on oxygen and I`m not going for a long time yet ! Keep well, Sheila x

  • thanks Sheila, love that expression and it brought me a smile. Wish you well x

  • Welcome to you, positivity is the way to be. Love Leelee from Sydney. 😃

  • Thanks Leelee, positivity has been my byword for the past many years x

  • Good, morning Jjude and welcome, its a good and helpful site I've only been on here about 3 week they are a very nice people, iv discovered more on here then anywhere else, Newley diagnosed with emphysema a few months ago myself xx

  • Thanks Sally, loving the site, everyone seems helpful x

  • Welcome. look forward to seeing you on here again soon. PMA!

    Be Well

  • Hi and thank you Offcut x

  • Hello jjude and a warm welcome to the site, yes exercise is good, I also have spinal problems and try to keep supple, go to the gym three times a week ( get funny looks while on the treadmill with oxygen....) but hey it does me good (so they say...)

    etch45 xxxx

  • Thank you etch, just been for a second spiro test which the nurse said the reading was worse after an inhaler. popping to see doc in morning to have 2 prescribed apparently then we'll see. Im pretty determined that things will be fine. i certainly feel much better today than i did last week. having a forum to come to will no doubt be a bonus, love it so far x

  • What an inspiration you are . You go to the gym with your oxygen?

    Do they say anything to you?

    You go girl!


  • No I think I'm just a talking point

    I just smile away and get on with it....( think it does some good as well )

    Hope all is well with you Ruby, Sheila from across the pond. Xxx

  • Positive thinking .... I swear by it.

    Let us know what the Doc says.

    Pleased you are liking the forum it has helped me in the past, just meeting like minded people helps.

    etch45 xx

  • You just have to take one day at a time.every minute with your loved ones and friends. "NEVER GIVE UP", that's my motto. It's rough,boring and sometimes lonely.don't let your mind wonder.

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