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Doctor Donald Mahler Website

Just thought I'd let you all know about this website. It reminds me of the eminent Dr. Tom Pettys website Ask Doctor Tom.

Dr. Mahler is a respected US based Pulmo and even answers Patient questions.


I tried to get an appointment with my Pulmo recently in his private practice and I have to wait until the end of August. I have also sent him a couple of emails over the years and he hasn't responded once.

The medical world needs more people like Dr Mahler.

5 Replies

Just read through the questions and answers. It's a good site, thanks for sharing. x


Thank you very good sight.all the questions you want to know.brilliant


Very interesting site containing lots of useful information. Think I'll bookmark it for future use. Thanks for sharing. :-)


Seems like a good site ck101 and I will save the link for Pete to look at. Thank you for that. xxxx


very interesting indeed, i was interested in this stem cell treatment, but he gives an honest down to earth and straight answer. in all questions,



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