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hello. i was wondering if anybody uses one of these devices. i have moderate asthma and emphysema and have been looking on the internet at them but there are different ones and different prices and i just don't know how to decide which one to buy - should i go for the cheapest i've seen or will i get more benefit from a more expensive one

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  • Hello newcomer and a warm welcome to our community :)

    Can't be of any real help in terms of commenting on any suitable devices but do know that quite a few people here have tried/are using various types. I'm sure someone will come along soon who can share their experience.

    Meanwhile, why not type 'breathing devices' in the search box at the top right of page.


  • thanks for answering, lovelight. i'll try that and see what comes up

  • Hi

    The two most common are lung flute and flutter, some members have received such devises on prescription from their GP.

    All of the devises work in a simaler manner in they only remove mucus from the small tubes to the large tubes from which you then use the huff method for the final push. There is a motorised device which take the effort out of it but you still need the huff for the final push.

    You can use breathing techniques to achieve the same.

    There is also medication which assist the removal of excess mucus.

    Whether one device or method is better than the next, is down to the individual person, as much as many people swear by such devises, there are also people who find them less effective.

  • The electronic device is expensive @ £150-£180 and feels uncomfortable when using better to stick to the less costly options

  • Hi, as stone says some people have been prescribed mucus clearing devices....if I was you I would ask your respiratory nurse or GP first as some devices may not be suitable for you.

  • Hi I have coped, emphysema. I too had problems clearing my chest. I was always wheezing, some days it was difficult to walk any distance without stopping. I went to a pulmonary rehab class which was excellent. They introduced me to a "flutter" it was plastic and didn't last that long. However, I phoned the British Lung Foundation , as I had looked online , they told me to visit my GP as some issued on NHS. My GP prescribed one which was the model I looked at on the website. Cost £39.99.. As I live in Wales this was free for me. It is very helpful. It also helps if you drink lots of fluids. I hope this help.

  • hello Polly63. thanks for your answer. i don't have much of a problem with wheezing but i had sinusitis before Christmas which left me with a lot of loose catarrh which was a nuisance but i coped, but twice this year the catarrh has settled on my chest meaning that I've had to get some medication and i'm looking for something to stop it happening again

  • Try the Powerbreathe Shaker - it is like the Flutter but costs less & feels better when using

  • thanks Tickoo

  • I am tight fisted So I Look on You Tube for breathing techniques ;)

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