My Travel Pass arrived BUT!

Just in case anyone missed the past three occasions I have attempted to get my Disability Travel Pass above.

Opened my post today and a letter with my card attached for my travel pass. :) Well It was only a few days as they said so I went though the terms of use but before that was a line. Due to lack of evidence to your disabilities we have granted you a temporary pass. :( They have given the close date at the same time as my blue badge?

Well it was not for the want of trying that when I went down for the third time armed with all my medical history and prognosis, that more than explains that this is not a short term set of multiply conditions! It may be that they have a photocopy ban on, in an effort to save money? Even though I did say they could keep all the paperwork I have and post it back if they want?

I just knew that with all the issues I have had to get this elusive card it will not be as simple as hoped in the end.

Bureaucracy definition:

1) A system of government in which most of the important decisions are taken by state officials rather than by elected representatives.

2) Excessively complicated administrative procedure.

In my case they are using number 2

Be Well

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  • How disappointing and annoying Offcut. Don't give up keep in there fighting. I'm sure in the end you will win. Suzyxxx

  • They are now going to get all barrels

  • hi offcut not real the hassle there giving you to get bus pass. when I was awarded standard rate mobility for pip, I just went down with award letter and a letter for proof of my address and had bus pass within a week and blue badge in 3 weeks, but I think up here they give bus passes out like sweeties as theres a guy at my work who has a bus pass, hes 37, I asked him how he got bus pass, he said he has tunnel vision, dunno what that's about lol.


  • They are making everything in my area as hard as they can it seems.

  • a think all councils should be same. when I got blue badge there was a timer thing with it but I don't need it here only if I go England but that's down trust. there is no limit on time here except where you have yellow lines on kerb

  • I found that when I went to Edinburgh and Glasgow different set of rules.

  • Hi Offcut, How frustrating this must be for you. I think you will ultimately win but it makes me cross to think that sick and disabled people, have to spend so much time fighting hostile systems. If it doesn't work out this time, have you thought of going to CAB and asking for application support. It's not I don't think you are capable, clearly you are but often they know exactly how much or how little to put. Best Regards, Love Margaret x

  • The more I think on this I can see how they are only looking at what they think is needed because they have had no training. When I went with all the info the lady dealing asked about all the other criteria that was on the form on her screen and as soon as she got to the blue badge for ease she ticked that as she did not have to do anything else in her opinion. But as she has not given any other supporting evidence which I supplied and they did nothing with. I was deemed reviewable?

  • Did not know there was such a thing as a temporary disabled bus pass, Offcut. But in the case of bureaucracy they seem to be able to operate their own rule definitions and this is definitely a number 2. Hopefully when your blue badge is due for renewal it will all be taken care of, but don't hold your breathe as they say. Why do some have to jump through hoops when others get it no question?, is what I would like to know. Guess we will never find an answer to that. Make the best of it while you have it .

  • As The lady on the desk said "Maybe I did not look ill enough" Making my BP go up was why my cheeks were rosy who knows!

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