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Bronchiectasis at 20, help!

Hi, I'm 20 years old and was diagnose with bronchiectasis a few months ago, I was told after recurrent infections that it was just an infection but after having CT scans reviewed got diagnosed by a letter in the post (nhs eh). I've been breathless a lot recently to the point where some days I can't speak properly, I have a persistent cough and I find excersise nowadays a lot more difficult (I was very active as a young teenager) and I'm not sure if it's because of the bronchiectasis. Anyone else get these symptoms?

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Hi and welcome , have you rung the BLF helpline for advice...they are experts in lung conditions.

I would also make an appointment with your GP as soon as you can and explain your symptoms.

Take care

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Hi Froggiebowie and welcome to the site. Knitter has given good advice to you so do get in touch with your GP and he can refer you on as and when necessary. Good luck to you. xxxxx


Hi Froggiebowie

A very warm welcome to you although I am sorry you have been diagnosed with bronchiectasis.

There are quite a few bronchiectatics on here and many of us have had it for many years. I have had it since I was a baby and I am no spring chicken now! So it is not a life sentence hun

I wonder if this letter was from your GP or a consultant - a very unacceptable way to inform someone of this dx if you ask me. Is that it then - has nobody advised you further?

If I were you I would defo go back to GP and ask to be referred to a respiratory consultant - better if consultant has a special interest in cystic fibrosis/bronchiectasis (check out the respiratory consultants at your hospital online before you go to GP. If you PM me I may be able to help you find an adult cf centre in the UK.

It is very important to see a consultant - as well as the usual spirometry breathing test, weighing and bloods they should also refer you to a respiratory physiotherapist to show you techniques and gadgets to help you get rid of the gunk from your lungs. We are all different and do not all find the same technique effective, so it's important to speak to an expert. The day to day maintenance physio you will have to do yourself and it is the most important thing we can do for ourseves.

Con may also refer you to a respiratory nurse (there are not many specialist bronchiectasis nurses in the UK). He/she may also refer you to an immunologist. I feel sure once the con has your medication sorted your breathing will improve.

A lot to take in when you have just been diagnosed.

Any specific questions hun please don't hesitate to post - somebody will be along before long to reply. No question is considered trivial if it concerns you on here.

Bronchiectasis R Us is another reputable site. I will try find a link to the Scottish bronchie leaflet. Darn't put it up on this as I could lose the post aaarrrrgh! If I can't find it I know others on here can and will.

let us know how you get on.

love cx

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Bronchiectasis R Us is packed with information and advice for us Bronchies as Cofdrop says. The PDF file about Bronchie on the chss site is the best one I've ever read.


You really do need a proper respiratory consultant. If you haven't got an appointment with one yet you will need to go back to the GP and get a referral. Once you are on the right treatment you will probably find your symptoms start to get sorted out. There is lots of advice on here on old posts for bronchiectasis management - do have a look around, or just ask.

Good luck.


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