Like a summer day

such a beautiful warm sunny day.

It was good to see folk doing jobs in the gardens, I potted some plants and painted a bench.... ( had oxygen on ) and got some funny looks from passing people, still I felt good about it.felt I had atchieved something.

Now just want to say to all my wonderful friends Good night and pleasant dreams.

Sunshine has made me tired.

Who needs sleeping pills. !!!!!!!

Love etch45. xxx

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  • It's lovely that you felt well enough to do some gardening etch. Hope you sleep well, night night. xxx

  • Yes I did sleep well lyn and possibly will tonight.

    Hope all is well with you and I am looking forward to seeing more pictures.

    just fed the cats so now I shall think of bedtime... night night. xxx

  • Night Etch :-) xxx

  • Well done Etch, think the sunshine brings out the best in us. Xx

  • Yes everyone seems to put their happy faces on, I really feel good when the sun is out, I can sit for a while in the garden enjoying the fruits of my gardener, he works hard.... as my late husband used to say ' the plants should be on wheels...'lol

    etch45 xx

  • Beautiful day even here. Glad you enjoyed it Etch.

    😊😊 xx

  • Always enjoy the days when the sun is out, maybe it's because we don't see it often in the north of England.....xxxx

  • Hey Etch

    Whats summer like there?


  • What summer............................we will be lucky if we have a week of hot days, though I keep getting the garden furniture out hoping the sun will shine on me...thinking of going to see my brother as it will be hot there.

    Must stop complaining about our weather..

    What are your summers like? xxx

  • Hi Etch

    I live in n.j. Usa. We live about 7 miles from the shore. Very Sandy soil. Hard to find plants that like it. Summer is very sunny and hot. 80-90 degrees. ( fahrenheit)

    That would be 27-33 to you. Sometimes very humid. I'm looking for flowers that like Sandy soil. This winter was unusual here with artic temps. Come on over Etch!

    😊😊 xxx

  • Don't tempt me........I think I would do just about anything for some decent sunshine...I'm convinced I'm allergic to the cold weather, born on the wrong continent...was in Australia a couple of years ago ohhhh the heat was wonderful.

    Well I have given the bottle of red quite a hammering!!! so think now will say night night to my friend across the pond, hope you are keeping well.

    Paid £100 and computer still playing up .......... how is yours?

    etch xx

  • Haven't got a new one yet. Using my phone. You take care.

    😊😊 xx

  • Morning Etch, A big achievement Etch, Even on oxygen any exertion is an effort, so it's great you had such a good day, Nice to feel tired that way too, Hope you slept well,Regards Bulpit

  • Hi Bulpit

    Yes I did have a good sleep, remedy plenty of fresh air and a small amount of pottering.

    Did wonders for me.

    warm regards etch45 x

  • Good on you etch :) nice sense of achievement :)

  • Yes it was kiwichick13 I like to get out little but often, can only potter now as the garden is hard work, I have a lovely young man who does all the hard work, I sit and tell him what needs moving, pruning,digging up and planting..

    I'm what they call an armchair :-)

  • Hehehe how all good gardening should be done :)

  • Yes it is good to garden that way kiwichick, at least I don't get tired....mind you I would give anything to be able to do it myself.

    Ahh well no worries..

    Trust you are well.

    etch xx

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