sac of pus

while in hospital with pneumonia I was not responding to antibiotics after 10 days they looked at x rays again and decided there was something there that they could not tell what it was so they decided to give me a CT scan which the doctor said there was a sac full of pus that kept emptying and filling up again also he said there was a lump of dead meat there they inserted a tube and drained of for three days for last 10 years I have asked for scan and been refused from various people also when I mentioned it on this forum some people asked me why I wanted a scan I wonder if taking 20 days in hospital to be released and 6 weeks of antibiotics also looks like 3 months to fully recover.

I wonder if I had scan when I asked for one if all this would have been found and treated earlier resulting in less suffering . After one month have not yet been out of doors but have been gently exercising go back to hospital 3 weeks .I have stage 4 very severe emphysema

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  • So sorry to hear of your problems rememdium and I do hope that you will make as good a recovery as you possibly can. It does sound as if you are trying to build up your strength. What an awful time you have had of things lately. I do wish you well and hope your next hospital appointment goes well. Take care xxx

  • Sorry to hear of the problems you've been having. I am also Stage 4 very severe. My solution is to keep active. From going upstairs 4 years ago when first diagnosed I used to stop 4 or 5 times to get up there and still be gasping for breath. Now I can do them ( 14 steps ) in one go and hardly get puffed ! :)

  • Sounds like you've been let down remendium, but, at least they have got to the bottom of it now. hopefully, you'll feel a big improvement when you start to recover as the pus ect... must have been causing havoc with your lungs. x

  • Hi we've not chatted before. It's good to "meet" you. Sorry to hear you have had such a bad time. Thank goodness your on the road to recovery. Best wishes Nan.

  • Thankyou for replies will have to wait till 24 april to see what they decide to do if anything

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