Tablet change to A & E

As some may have seen my post

I called my heart doc again after getting the run around trying to speak to my lung doc. To get a call back from the Matron/Specialist I fully explained that I was in a mess felling lousy and tachycardic and breathing a little worse, not even a smidge improved! Once I had spilled the beans she asked what my GP has said and once I told her "They refused to change a thing!" She said "They should of at least got in touch with the lung man and said what was happening to you?" She explained that the heart doc would not of looked at the drug that was changed with your heart history! It may help the passage of the lung drug but will not help the heart problems I have. If the tachycardia has not settled after nearly 3 weeks it is not going to without help. She said I cannot tell you to change as we have not seen you for a bit. But if you go to A & E this may get something moving?

So today we prepared for the A&E plenty of bottled water loose clothes and prepared mind. We are not far from our A&E so we parked up and went to the reception. Pleasant lady asked what is wrong and confirmed I was the person that I was, told my wife an I to gel our hands and sit down and wait.

Waiting room was not that busy but it stated on a led sign 1 hour Wait! Well that would be nice I thought but to be fair 45 mins and I was called in to the triage. As I was going though the story of my lung doc changing my heart doc's tablets and the affect it has had on my heart, breathing and general well being.

She then went onto my conditions. Once we got near to the bottom of her paper she slapped the BP machine on and oxymeter. Scribbled the numbers down and said we do not change consultant tablets here either but I need to speak to a doctor. Couple of minutes later I was ushered into the back door of triage and asked to lie on the bed. Stickers attached to my legs arms and chest and a ECG taken. Off they go machine and sister but a lovely cup of tea offered by the tea trolley man to us both.

Not many minutes and a doctor came in and went though my conditions again but wanted treatments and problems. He was a man of few words but once we got though that stage of interrogation he said you have a proper medical book of problems! I want to take some bloods and listen to your chest. I would go to him any day for the blood letting great job. Off he goes and we sit looking at the walls for another nurse with a wheel chair to take me to Xray? I said I can walk? No you are not walking anywhere? Once we did the trip I am glad I did not walk ;) I was in and out and wheeled back and wired up for another ECG.

We were called into another room were the doctor explained that there is nothing there that they would not of expected to see but I have booked you into the heart clinic and made the lung clinic aware that you are not doing well with these tablets. It will be a case of the two of them arguing their case but as you have said you did not feel this unwell with the heart tablets as there were? They will have to be a compromise somewhere?

I just have to wait for a phone call on Monday for the time they can see me. Hopefully this is progress?

Be Well

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  • hay there offcut you had lot dun at that a&E WELL HOPE YOU FILL BETTER AND GET THINGS SORTED QUICK BY THEM

  • I cannot say they did not look after me that's for sure

  • I've got to say offcut, you make my life which I thought was pretty complicated seem like a walk in the park.

    I hope the powers to be get their heads together and sort you out.


  • Me too! I really hope so.

  • Offcut - Everyone is S**t scared of making a decision especially like you & me have several complex issues in-case they tread on somebody else's toes :P I have started forwarding a list of questions to my consultant, prior to appointments because I got sick of non answering or non committed replies. I am under 4 consultants now and each one is frightened of upsetting the next which does not help my deteriorating health - My next appointment Monday :P good look with yours and hope you get some answers :D

  • Same to you.

    I think I have gone past the be polite stage now. ;)

  • It does sound as if it is some kind of progress - let's just hope they can all agree on a way forward that suits you (not them!!). Take care x

  • The old heart tablets may not of improved my lungs as much, but they did not make feel so unwell with either condition. I have been told that I am not going to get better which I accept. The set-up before was not perfect but I felt under control and knew my limits. At the moment I do not seem to have the ability to plan and the extra pain in my joints and racing heart is bringing me down even more?

  • I know how you feel and it's so debilitating, as well as frustrating and depressing...... but you're a fighter and I know you'll keep on fighting till you get something done (even though none of us should be put in that situation, when we're already in a weakened state). Stay positive though, and let us know what happens. Take care (and don't let the buggers beat you) xx

  • Having a hidden stubborn streak does help. I do promote PMA the problem is the amount of positiveness sometimes :)

  • You certainly seem to have set the wheels in motion Offcut and I do wish you well in getting everything put right. It must be scary not having your heart beating properly. It is just such a slog having to try and get people to listen to you and put things right. Take care and hopefully this is the start of something good. xx

  • The way I see it is they will either close ranks and throw their dummies out the pram or listen to me and find a compromise?

    I am only an expert on me!

  • The problem is when they go from DR to consultant they believe they are GOD it is the fact they do not consult each other when often they are employed by the same hospital a simple email or phone call or even a day on the golf course would do the job.

    I hope you get a call on Monday and you start to feel well soon

  • I am to go to Ambulatory Care unit on Weds so fingers crossed

  • I also have severe emphysema and AF. My heart rate caused many hospital admissions, but I had a cardiac ablation last year which was supposed to be a cure for the fast heart rate. I was told at the time that it doesn't always work and I was soon back in hospital with the same problem. However I have had the procedure done again and things are looking better. It is still early stages but I have seen my consultant and he thinks all is well. Maybe cardiac ablation would suit you.

  • I have had 1 Angiogram, 3 Ablations and 7 cardio versions? The first Ablation was on all the pulmonary arteries the second was on the chamber were they did a total of 37 burns over 7.5 hours :( the third was going into the right chamber but after a few tests while they were in the heart they did not proceed further. It took over 4 hours to stop my femoral artery leaking because of the scars I have in the groin now. I was due a Pace and Ablate but that was cancelled

    I have been on many tablets for many years diagnosed 1992 with AF. Before the lung doc changed my sotalol to the dilitzem my heart was fairly stable breathing no different than what it is now?

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