having to leave all the decorating for the wife is very frustrating and annoying to me. After many years of giving our houses tlc I can no longer be in the same room as paint or any other fumes because my lungs just shut down. Oh well moan over. Looking on the bright side at least I can still cook and do most of the housework. Not feeling so guilty now!

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  • Yep, it's about what you CAN do... not what you can't do, otherwise what would we be like :)

    I am busy planting seeds in the house, too cold out there for me, enjoy your weekend , keep windows open till the smell of the paint goes! :D huff xxx

  • Thankyou

  • I have heard you can buy paint thats odourless and i think dulux do one although i have no idea if they are any good.

    Any man who is doing the cooking and the housework is a fine man x

  • I agree a fine man who has a very lucky mrs! x

  • Not very good and it still smells a bit for my lungs

  • It is great that you can still do many things mike and Pete would certainly sympathise with you. He makes the most of what he can do as there is now a lot he can't. You take care. x

  • I have always looked on the bright side since being diagnosed in 2007. Thankyou

  • If it is any consolation my husband feels exactly the same!!! Just do what you can when you can - we still appreciate you xxx

  • That's very king indeed. My missus helps me out a lot

  • Hey Mike

    You sound like my kind of guy! Bet your a great cook too. Whats your specialty?

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Anything really but nothing too exotic as the wife and sun are not into spicy food

  • Hi mike, it seems that you and your wife are a good team. There is something very attractive about a man who does the ironing! As far as cooking goes, well that's even a bigger plus. Please don't feel guilty. Love LeeLee. X 😃

  • Ironing is one housework chore she seems to enjoy and insists on doing. Thankyou

  • Hi Mike, I'm the same as you with paint, I have to avoid it as well but last year I used a water based gloss, it's odorless and touch dry in half an hour and suffered no ill effects from it, I'm sure it was Dulux or one of the major brands......p.s enjoy your dinner.

  • I will make enquiries

  • Good do all THAT!! Sounds brilliant to me :-) x

  • I try to please thank you for being so kind

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