Thank you all

Thank you all

Hi Guys

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the messages, it has meant a lot to me, I have recently split up with my wife so it has made coping with the diagnosis that little bit harder but coming on the forum really does help.

I am getting stronger day by day and feel so much better than I did a few weeks ago.

I will, keep you posted of my progress.

Take care and breath easy

Justin xx

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  • You really have been through the mill. I do hope your feeling much better hopefully getting support from your family. Get well.

  • Hi Justin, I'm so sorry, for ur run of ill health, and ur personal life issues. Huge hugs and hope u feel better soon. Take care xx Sonia xx

  • Hi Justin Things not going very well for you at the moment, I sorry to hear it must be hard. You are in the best place to get back on your feet....hope you feel much better soon Take care Pegxx

  • I am sorry life has been so tough recently, I hope you are soon feeling very much better. Take care, Xris

  • Hi justin sorry to hear about you problems and personal life and hope everything thing gets better in the very near future and take things easy

  • Sorry to hear about your personal life, keep up the good fight and keep positive, positive mental attitude will go a long way. Stay well.

    David 1968

  • So sorry Justin about your health and personal problems but I do wish you well and yes, please do let us know how things go for you. Good luck. xxxx

  • I wish you continued progress ... hope you feel much better soon.

  • Hi Justin, I'm glad to hear your starting to feel much better now. You'll get through this and come out the other side stronger.

  • Oh Justin, so sorry , you are going through it! Nice photo though ;) try to keep positive, says me who was going for anti-depressants last everyone says, live one day at a a time, hope you improve soon. I would say I will keep you in my prayers however I think it's not pc now to say that, so I shall say I will keep you in my thoughts & wish you a speedy recovery both physically & emotionally,



  • I couldn't ignore the comment about not saying a prayer because it is "politically Incorrectly". Since when?

  • Mooskie ,I got into trouble on another forum for saying it....and also for saying "night, God Bless" :(

  • Yes, you've certainly had a rough time of it lately but hopefully you will have turned the corner now. Take lots of care.

    Jan xx

  • Wish I could find the words to make you feel better again Justin , you are going through a REALLY tough time....but you are young, and from what I can see from your photo's a really good looking young man...things must be feeling very grim for you right now, but believe me you WILL get through this period ...your health WILL recover of that I am sure, and I am also sure that you will one day again be happy in your personal life too..

    Just concentrate now on getting better . then doing all the things that you know about from this site to get your health back onto an good a stable level.

    You have LOADS of friends on this site, and I sure you also have friends in real life too, as you seem such a nice person.

    and of course you won on Saturday...and you have Harry Kane !!!!!

    Lets hope he starts for England on Friday eh?

    Get well soon my dear friend

    * BIG HUG * and love from Sohara

  • Nice bod Justin! I'm single :) xx

  • Glad you're improving justin, you deserve that. Life will get better and in the meantime we are all here for you :)

  • Hi Justin, sending big love from Sydney. Soon you'll have to beat the girls off with stick. Lol. Kisses from LeeLee. Xxxx😍

  • Get well soon Justin, sorry to hear of your family problems, thinking of you

  • Good morning Justin, So sorry to know things are bad for you at the moment. Ill health is dreadful,hopefully because you are young and strong you will soon see a big Improvement, Personal problems cause loads of stress,so you must stay positive. Wishing you a speedy return to better days, Bulpit

  • It seems like there's never just one thing to cope with - everything seems to hit you at once. You have been through so much lately, but as you say, you're getting stronger - and you will cope with it all. There are happier times to come so keep on fighting (and winning). All best wishes xx

  • Hello Justin, I must have missed your other posts, hope you are feeling a little bit better its not easy adjusting life around your diagnosis, so sorry about your recent breakup and hope it wont be long before you meet someone special, huff xxx

  • So sorry to hear about your wife... it must be very hard coping with that and all the health stuff. Life goes on buddy, I wish you a good recovery, take carexxx

  • We're all here for you Justin. If you want to have a moan, let of steam or just someone to talk to. Take care and you'll soon be back on your feet. Summer's coming that'll make you feel better. :-) :-) XX

  • Justin,


  • best wishes jayspurs and hope you get fit again soon


  • Hope you feel better soon x

  • Take care of urself, chin up mate. Sending u a giant hug :) x

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