Last week high mobility low care this week high care low mobility next week we made a mistake you don't quailify for anything, i am going to appeal against low mobility I had it last year and my condition has worsened and due to the level of medication there are two I take in the morning that clearly state Do Not Drive surely end of arguement or do they want me to resign and sign on the dole.

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  • Good luck to you Matt and hope you get that low mobility changed quickly. What a joke! Let us know how things go. Wising you and Fran well. xxxx

  • What a farce the whole thing is...its so frustrating when people who need it dont get it........

    The important thing is how the illness you have affects you on your WORSE days...how it stops you doing the things you use to do...they are not interested in what conditions we have only in how it changes the way we live but you must stick to how bad things are on your worse days

  • Hi, dont want to put the cat among the pigeons but...... They have to know what it is like on your "normal" or average days. What you are like most of the time. You can say about worse ones, but if theyre not the usual type of day then you would be done for fraud. For instance, worst day can keep someone in bed, so tell them that and let them see you out and your done for fraud and take everything from you then. I agree its all wrong etc but theres not a lot else we can do. Just tell them like it is and appeal. I hope everyone succeeds with their appeals.


  • well perhaps thats the reason some people are not getting it......i was advised to do it that way its not fraud its the truth....there are lots of places on the forms where you can explain how different your days can be but you must tell them the worst of it not the best x

  • Can I ask who advised you?

    My understanding is the claimant signs as proof they have read and understood, and answered accurately, which is why advisors do not get prosecuted for giving wrong advice. Only claimants. If the form says to state a typical day, then that is what it means even if advised the word typical really means the worst by a hundred people.

    Maybe Im over cautious and fearful of consequences but I will go on what the form specifically states.

    Carole x

  • citizen advice told me that and my nurse....

  • I will try and explain it like they explained to me....The information they want is how the illness affects us so when we feel well its not a typical day of the illness its a good day for us the illness isnt an issue...on a day when the illness is the issue and stopping you doing what you would normally do thats the typical day of the illness......does that make any sense i know it sounds odd but thats how it works

  • As long as we answer the questions asked in the way they ask them that's all we can do. x

  • Oh Matt so sorry and generally there is worse to come if the budget is anything to go by. They appear to be making decisions on targets rather than need.

    Good luck with your appeal. You might want to get some benefit expert help on board i.e. Welfare Rights, CAB or DIAL.

    Let us know how you get on. Waiting to be summoned some time this year as they are now getting around to the 'indefinates'.


  • I was awarded low mobility NO care. Asked for mandatory reconsideration. Reply says standing by their decision. Got very severe COPD And emphysema. Lungs too bad even for lung valves. Waiting to see if suitable for coils. Fed up. Not even goin to bother to appeal.

  • I bought the Benefits and Work pack to claim PIP and followed all their advice giving comprehensive details of my daily struggle. These people at Atos just don't care. Government saving is all that counts.

  • It seems to me that those that shouldent do and those that should dont receive? what a government!!!

  • Exactly. Haven't got the energy to go thro appeals process.

  • i honestly dont understand why you guys have had so much problem getting this

    i had one letter off my consultant stating what was wrong with me and i filled out the forms and sent them off

    i wasnt even asked in for an interview i just got it

    You must all appeal...get some letters off anyone you can..gp..specialist nurse...consultant....and although some think im wrong you must tell them how life is on your worse day...thats what i was told to do by the citizens advice and my nurse if you have been turned down its a disgrace you are entitled to it.....living like we do day in day out is hell at times and money dosnt fix any of it but the fact you can go to bed and not worry yourself sick over bills makes a big difference so come on guys dont give in fight for what is rightfully yours x x x

  • Hi Mandy,totally agree.The chap that interviewed me said it was more or less a done deal going by the letters they,d received from doctors but I had also included a days diary of how I struggled to have a shower,how long it took and how knackered I got.I don,t really understand the "low" rate "high " rate thing .We need all the help we can get.It,s time the wealthy of this country started paying thier way rather than taking benefits from the sick who have no choice in the matter.D.

  • hi honey

    i know...your right

    the rates are all on the gov websites...it all depends how much help and support you need and how ill you are obviously the higher the rate the higher the payment but also the more help you can get...

    it makes me so mad how those of us who have hardly anything get more taken off us...........fill yourself with information and start looking at what you have you may be on the wrong rate there are so many people conning the system we have to fight for what we NEED and are ENTITLED to ....x x x its nice to hear from you x x x

  • Mandy it is so so wrong. All it should take is Consultants, GP letters etc.

    I'm sure many struggle and neglect many things before even applying. I know my housework and meals suffer when I'm fatigued.

    I'm OK at the moment but if on top of health issues I had to worry about bills the stress would be huge.

    Love Suzy xxx

  • Your right but its not about what you have and a perfect example of that is my old next door neighbour he had cancer so would he need pip.....well he cut down a 6ft conifer hedge that separated my house from his on the front and he did it with a handsaw then he actually dug up the roots !!!!!!!!!!!!!!....he laid slabs in his back garden on his own and built a breeze block wall for a neighbour then chopped down a tree in my back garden...he was living in a 3 bedroom family home even though there was only him and his wife and has moved 3 times since then always to a property that is meant for family but because he has cancer he can do it......

    Its about how it affects us not what we have and he clearly lied on his forms

  • Thanks for that Mandy. I wasn't asked in for assessment either. Sent evidence and info about blue badge renewal assessment id had 3 months earlier and think they awarded low mobility on that. Sent cons letters and info on daily struggles Grt help from my daughter with all personal care and I can't cook as can't breathe in hot kitchen. Use stairlift on most days yet still refused even low care payment. I give up.

  • you must not give up you need to get back in touch with them....my daughter gets carers allowance for caring for me but i think you have to have the high rate of allowances for that to happen

    The problem is a lot of us are unsure of what we are entitled to so dont know which bit to fight but i got in touch with the adult social service department based at my local council which you will have and if you havnt already been in touch with them i would suggest you do.....you also need an occupational therapist they can be a massive help and get you all sorts of help and support......dont give in start asking around and perhaps you even need to look into your claim again.....get all the advice you can from anywhere you can think of

    i know a woman who was on dla because she couldnt eat wheat....its a disgrace she only had to stop eating it but she was getting it....the local drug addicts and alcoholics get extra money yet you guys are not.....anyone who has any in put in your care, your nurse your gp anyone find out what help they can give...its not right but its how it is and dont forget you have to make it about the worse days not the ones when your managing


  • Hi Mandy I contacted my local breath essay group they gave me a contact number to this group who helped you fill in forms. I made an appointment and the guy who did my form was so nice a fellow sufferer but worded the form in a totally different way.

    I thought when I filled in my form for DLA if I put COPD on the form they would understand and know how it effects the way we live and that is not the case its more state the obvious

  • Yeah your spot on

    Its not right but the fact is there is a certain way of filling these forms out and thats the reason people dont get it

  • Mandy you are spot on, I applied for Attendance Allowance in January 2015. Two weeks later a letter came to say it had been refused. I phoned to appeal, spoke to an adviser who let me speak to the person that had refused my claim ,she was not medically trained. She asked me a lot of questions and it seemed it was how I had answered some of the questions that had led to my claim being refused. We talked about my bad days not the good. She said that she would look again at my claim.Three days later I had a payment made into my bank. I have been granted Attendance Allowance at the lower rate. Although I gave full details of my Consultant Doctor and Respiratory Team non of these were consulted. I believe that my claim was granted because I need encouragement to eat. I am underweight due to severe COPD.

  • Sorry I hit the send button by mistake. I consider myself lucky that I was able to talk to such a nice person who was willing to help me over the phone. it had taken a lot of courage to apply for AA and to then be turned down was a huge disappointment. I do believe that it is HOW you answer the questions that lead to payment,and that there is a certain way to answer. Not all of us me included are able to do this,in the future should I need to I would get help to fill in the forms not do it myself.

  • I also lost a massive amount of weight and had to have nutritional shakes as im 5 ft 10 and was 9 stone and looked a dreadful sight. I

    Im so glad you were brave enough to make that call and get what your entitled to.

    I have told people several times they must talk about their bad days but some people doubt im telling the truth which is totally understandable.

    We shouldn't have to word it in a certain way.......there shouldn't be a knack to filling in the forms.....it shouldn't be so misleading...we shouldn't have to beg for whats rightfully ours ......we shouldn't have to fight for simple information that could improve our lives.....this illness takes everything away from us and people don't understand how hard it is.

    Anyone who hasn't had it should take a leaf out of your book and refuse to be fobbed off so good for you x x x x

  • I was asked the question do you need help to eat, I thought that meant did someone have to sit with me and spoon feed me, what it really meant was do I need help and encouragement to eat, which I do, left to myself I would just have a sandwich or a quick salad. The fact that someone encourages me to eat got me the benefit. Mandy I am 68 five foot tall and weighed five stone 13pound I am now six stone 4 pound still but still a way to go. The fact I have severe COPD and Bronchiastis did not on its own qualify me for benefits.

  • Thats right, its not what illness you have its how it affects you and im glad your getting a little better x x

  • Hear hear.

  • Appeal, you have every right to some financial help!

  • I would vote Mandy for Prime Minister!!! D.

  • ha ha well you would be getting a bonus thats for certain x

  • This makes me so angry the system pre Atos was fair it was done quickly and people claiming were treated like human's and we had real Doctors looking at the claim forms.

    Then Mr Brown realises 1% of claims were fraud so they gave a contract or licence to print money to a foreign company Atos { IT company} Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm not very bright and this is why all of us are suffering I have not heard any of them saying they are going to look at changing this system back Tories have done nothing and Labour will bring back Atos. We all need to get used to this shambles of a system it will not change and if you ask me none of them could get laid in a brothel nor will they get testicular cancer you can all work that one out.

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