Close Encounters

In the mid 70s, My brother and me were returning home, following another step along the road towards rock stardom. It was about half midnight. What had been a lovely summers day had given way to a warm cloudless night. We were driving along a dark and unlit motorway, the M66, with the shimmering lights of Bury, to our left. My brother was taking his usual nap, no doubt dreaming of his impending stardom, “thaaank you, Neeew York, good to be back”. I was reflecting on my nights performance, “if only I could just tune my guitar, I know I'd shine, watch out Slowhand Clapton, I'm comin'”.

Distracting myself from wallowing in self pity, I glanced to my left and there hovering in the sky above, Bury, was an amber coloured light. Whoa! I said. (It would be a further 10 minutes before I remembered to close my mouth!) “Tone, Tone”, I said, nudging him with my elbow. “Look at that, Tone, look”. “What”, he says. I pointed to the sky, through the passenger window, directing his gaze to the amber light still hovering above the town. “Whoa!, wotszat? pull over, let's have a proper look”, he said. I stopped on the hard shoulder, we got out and stood watching. It's a plane, nah, not moving, hot air balloon then, nah, don't fly at night, you sure, yep, helicopter, don't think so. The expressions on our faces, probably resembled those of two kittens, staring at a ball of wool, cute, but gormless.......Cute? Yes, in a rock god sort of way.

We could have been witnessing the beginnings of the war of the worlds, yet, after a few minutes, we got bored. Not doin' much is it? I said. No, he agreed, sounding a bit grumpy at being disturbed. We started to walked back towards the car, our gaze still fixed on the light. Just then, a second light appeared, ping. We stopped. The second identical light was positioned at about 10 o'clock from the first. Ping, a third identical light at about 4 o'clock, forming a perfect diagonal and equally spaced formation. (The ping's are for dramatic effect only) We halted out retreat to the car. My open mouthed and gormless expression returned, we stood there, uttering anglo-saxon phrases. They then started to move, very slowly, from right to left, still in perfect formation. Moments later they disappeared in turn, starting top left, middle, and bottom right. Ping, ping, ping. (See above).

This is a true story, just jazzed up a bit.

I hope you have enjoyed this account of my close encounter. Just before you go..........

Over the last few days there have been several posts regarding TTIP. This isn't politics, right, left or centre. This is something far more serious. TTIP is a trade agreement between the USA and Europe. What's wrong with that, you might ask. Well, this agreement will allow big business an even bigger bite of the pie than they already have, including the NHS. And just for good measure, all is being conducted in secret and that secrecy will remain for the next 30 years. Why? I'm not soap boxing, but you owe it your children, and your children's children, to at least be informed.

Please don't sign or abstain without first knowing what it is.

There are several sites out there and all are very informative. I got my info from War On Want TTIP.

If you've got ten minutes to spare just have a look. If you're not convinced, don't sign. If you are, there are several sites with petitions to stop TTIP, sign them all! I did.

This is your NHS and YOUR NHS NEEDS YOU and by God if you're on this site, you need the NHS.

I thank you


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I'm very aware of the lying and injustices of gov.thank you for that, yes let's make sure they do not create anymore damage !!!with their low life behavior!!

With you on that.

Great story Steve - as for TTIP - I too am signing every petition from every source. Hope enough people sign to put a halt to the whole thing. Regards

Thanks, I added the TTIP bit as an afterthought and hoped it would lure people in. I've got a feeling, anything even remotely political is an instant turn-off. Take Care

Great story Steve and so nicely told. As for the TTIP I will be looking into it right now and will most likely be signing too. Thanks for the info. Take care xxx

Thank You, and thank you for showing some interest. I think, at the this time, we are a pretty rare breed. xx

interesting thanks and totally agree on how dangerous TTIP is for the NHS and for democracy in general for it also allows companies to sue governments if for instance they seek to re-nationalize public services or reverse any decision that results in a lose of profits for the companies involved - which would mean that no matter how we the public voted in the future these policies could not be changed (without a possible excessive payout to some private company). I for, one, would like to know when it became a sort of God given right for companies to make excessive profits especially, on, it seems, the backs of the misery of, usually, the poorest or weakest in society. we really do need to fight now for our democracy or we will lose it.

I, wholeheartedly agree with you. I think we have only ever had the illusion of democracy. I remember listening to a speaker a long time ago, who said. Democracy doesn't work in the way people believe it does and if it did work in that way, they would think of something else and change it.

Take care, undine, don't let all get to you too much!


It does upset me though Steve, can't help it. I hate injustice, and when I see this smug, smarmy self satisfied lot on TV lying through their teeth makes my blood boil - especially when I think of all the unnecessary misery they have caused grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. xxx

I get exactly the same, but only in short bursts, got to think of my high BP.

Pleb and proud, take care and try and relax a little. Getting worried about you. No Question Time for you tonight!


Yes you are right I never watch question time anymore - get too, too angry and frustrated = take care xx

Been fighting the TTIP for several months now. Signing petitions, e-mailing my M.P, raising awareness by tweeting and posting on fb. Just shows how corrupt politics have become and the EU equally so. To think big business will be profiting from the sick beggars belief and that big business will be able to sue? If only more people realised the full extent of this deal and the implications for each and everyone of us and for future generations. My vote will what I think of it because slowly but surely we are being led into a more totalitarian system of governing. Communist in all but name and a very great danger to democracy, which is nothing but an illusion these days.

Just seen this link for another petition. 38 degrees have done more than anyone to raise awareness.

Thanks for your replies Dorris59, you echo my thoughts. Capitalism on steriods. I am a member of 38 Degrees, I think I've sign it, but I'll check. I've signed so many.

Thank you


You are so welcome and I for one will never forgive politicians for doing this to our NHS and all in the name of greed. The Self-serving, bunch of hypocrites with a vested interest in privatising it to feather their own nests. God forbid they get the TTIP through.

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